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[Drummer drawing.] This drawing was made by one of the kids that went to the kindergarten that I was working in in 1986-87.
It is a drummer.
The figure was used as the symbol for Stora Saltet, the former journal of the Surrealist Group in Stockholm of which I am a collaborator and co-founder since 1986.

Warning. This is part of the official web site of Johannes Bergmark. The texts on this site and in links from it can be trusted. But on the internet there is at least one place (belonging to Indymedia in Hawai) where my name has been put without my knowledge among others as signatures of a stupid and disgusting tract in fact written by an idiot and asshole that fights the surrealist movement in these dishonest ways. My name, as others, must have been chosen at random because I never even met him, nor ever had any contact with him. We, the abused "signatories" are now trying to find out how to remove these from the internet and how to revenge in an appropriate way. He is calling himself a surrealist, but a quick look at his own attempts at promoting his "art" on the internet shows he has no understanding of the word whatsoever, and is of course not acknowledged by anyone in this movement. If you are in doubt if I really signed such a text or not, please contact me and just ask.
This page updated the 15th of June, 2018.