Short lecture (in english) and concert at TedX Botkyrka online

A 10 minutes lecture and PowerPoint-presentation with a camera on my forehead, trying to summarize my works as an instrument builder and my attitudes towards being a musician and a surrealist + a very short concert on the Platforms and the Brillolin.
(It was the first time I used this idea with the forehead camera, so it was a bit shaky. I should have had a screen in front of me so I could have been more conscious of where it was directed, however you get the idea though.)
To be seen online here, or embedded below, under which you can also see my script for the spoken parts:

Schedule: - Short start with Brillolin
- Short video clips with commentaries:
- Butter Bass: from a dream + reminding of the gopychand
- Stringed Stirrups: idea from a physical fact
- Singing Coffin: from another dream + technical solution
- Veloncell Marcel: from a broken bike + Duchamp’s readymade
- Kaleidochord: playing method idea (“percussion piano”) + discarded keyboard
- Blowfish: playing method idea
- Whalefish: playing method idea + discarded piano soundboard
- Conclusion (text below)
- Concert, Platforms, 5 minutes (stopped by presenter)

-Playing music is for me to enjoy the pleasure of touching things, a kind of eroticism if you like.
I also see a poetry in objects found by chance on the street or in flee markets.
The play with objects becomes an acoustic puppet theatre where they receive a new life in a surrealist narrative.
They also teach me about acoustics and crafts, tell me how they want to be used.
With contact mikes I can amplify their miniscule sounds.
Acoustic ideas create visual effects, and visual ideas teach me acoustic possibilities.
Anyone can see how it’s made, it’s not about talent, but about sensibility.
The training of craftsmanship, the tactile senses and the poetic sensibility, not only listening but the “feeling for materials” – how to handle materials for enticing sound potentals – is intimately related to the acoustic craft, to build instruments.
I hope to inspire people to have the courage to make marvellous things out of whatever is at hand, a “poor man’s utopia” if you like, because it transgresses the high status of classical instruments, classical training and high technology without necessarily confronting them head-on (maybe just pull their trousers a little bit).
-This could also be called the “ancient avant-garde” or “the tradition of renewal” if you want, because in the old times the musician was very often her own instrument maker, tuner and composer.
I improvise most of the time.
Improvisation is a form of composition and not opposed to it as many people think.
- By the way, I don’t feel that I am a musician, nor a composer, because the joy and inspiration of making music is completely unrelated to the very random amount of money you might get for doing it professionally.
I’m acting as a musician whenever necessary to be payed or quickly understood.
- Music is not sounds at all, it’s a social ritual around non-symbolic sound structures, celebrating, exploring or confirming the way we want to live together with each other and the universe.

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