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L'Ultima Spiaggia

Read the poem, listen to the performance version and see a film documentation here (swedish).

- about 25 minutes sound poem read live with different voice methods, recorded sound files and text and image pieces triggered live - sometimes they are seen on a big screen, sometimes heard in the loudspeakers. The background sounds are concrete as well as computer generated.

First performance at Fylkingen, the 20th of April 2000 on the EAM-class concert.

This long poem was written on a journey in Italy '98, on which I visited the family house of my childhood for the last time. My father's painting/collage with that title ("The Last Beach") was hanging above the dinner table. The major part of the poem consists of Swedish existing words, but their constructions, fusions and contorsions into new hybrids have been made on a primarily musical way, sometimes in ditty-like forms, sometimes like angry calls, romantic explanations, pseudo-philosophical statements or comic absurdities. In the concert version, I want to give power to some of their many affectionate possibilities, with the addition of some disturbing sounds and stressing some words and phrases by projecting them readable for the audience on a screen with a projector. [L'Ultima Spiaggia by Torsten Bergmark]

"L'Ultima Spiaggia", painting/collage by © Torsten Bergmark, my father.

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