Smullotron 2012.
From a concert at Fylkingen 2012. Norelius – Bergmark – Runolf. Photo © Sören Runolf (also the other photographs on this page).

is an improvising live electronics trio which originates in the creative environment at Fylkingen, the organization for radical and experimental art in Stockholm. All three are among the most active and creative live electronics improvisers in this universe (well at least the southern half of Stockholm), and all have a wide and open musical background and experience. Together they are concentrating on the use of amplified objects, recorded sounds and virtual modular synthesizers with digital patches of their own design, among other things that fill up a table each. The sounds merge into an exciting mix where it's difficult to say who makes what, drawing from the long history and techniques of electronic music and sound art. One time they performed in a boat club, inspired by sea life. At the time, the band shared a small sailing boat together in Stockholm, called Agda.

[Johannes Bergmark at Hide, Gotland, 2004] JOHANNES BERGMARK is an experimental musical instrument / sound sculpture maker, improvising musician, writer and electroacoustic composer. He has developed his work over sound poetry, butoh and performance art into a surrealist musical object theatre with an evolutionary meta-instrument or amplified stage called the Platform.
JB has been a touring free lance musician since he graduated as a piano builder in 1996. He also lectures, makes workshops, usually focusing on untraditional acoustics, including traditional crafts and sound technology, hoping to unfold a world where knowledge, skill, inspiration and surprise can meet and develop together and to inspire people to create their own poor man’s utopias out of available resources.

[Lise-Lotte Norelius at Hide, Gotland, 2004] LISE-LOTTE NORELIUS is a percussionist, live electronics musician and electro-acoustic music composer.
She has during many years developed a personal sound with percussion and sampled sounds, foremost in the group ”Anitas Livs”. Since some years she works with live-electronics and realtime processing of percussion as well as other soundsources and is performing with different constellations, e.g.:
VFO (Välfärdsorkestern): live-electronic/improvisation duo with Sören Runolf
LUDD: live-electronic/improvisation duo with Ida Lundén (keyboards)
UNSK (Ulher, Norelius, Strid, Küchen): improvisation quartet
ONO: live electronic/improvisation trio with Sten Sandell and Sören Runolf
Tutuula Sisters: performance/dance/live-electronics/improvisation duo with Katarina Eriksson (dancer/choreographer)
Improvisation duo with Jukka Korpi (dancer/choreographer)

EAM composition for Teater Galeasen's production "Theres" about Baader-Meinhof, -2000.
"Lemur-Modulation" for 5 percussionists and live electronics, Jukka Korpi (dance), Fredrik Olofsson (video), -2002.
Sound/video- installation: Vita Kuben, Norrlandsoperan, Umeå, 2003
Sound/video- installation: Splintermind, Stockholm, 2004
Solo performances with different sound sources and live electronics.

Collaboration with Stockholm's Saxophone Quartet:
"Nightman" for solo saxophone (Jörgen Pettersson) and live computer.
"Nightmen" for saxophone quartet and live computer.
”4x4x4” Poetry/Contemporary music project with 4 poets, 4 composers and Stockholm's Saxophone Quartet.
“Frislag-2004” tour with Ikue Mori and Lindha Kallerdal
Fred Frith och Nya Perspektivensemblen, tour 2004

Work on commission:
”Gruvfruns goda råd”, for Rikskonserter/Västmanlands läns museum, 2003
”Bleed” (EAM/Video), for Rikskonserter/EMS, 2003
“Isola” (EAM/Danceperformance), for Rikskonserter/EMS, 2004

Education: The Royal College of Music: Percussion / EAM-composition 1998 – 2002

SÖREN RUNOLF has been a member of the Swedish improvisation music group Lokomotiv Konkret since the 70s. He is generally known for his innovative use of conventional instruments, such as the cello and the electric guitar. He has made music for intermedia projects and dance, and has also been involved in innumerable Swedish and international improvised music constellations and "experimental rock" groups.
Instruments: electric guitar, cello, synth, sampler, contact mics, analog & digital sound processors
Performing solo with live electronics and in collaborations as:
Lokomotiv Konkret (with Tommy Björk, Dror Feiler ) 1977-
Duo with Sten Sandell ca 1982-87
Member of The Too Much Too Soon Orchestra ca 1987-
Duo with Mats Lindström ca 1989-
Cloudchamber (with Johannes Bergmark, Martin Küchen) 1998-2004
VFO (duo with Lise-Lotte Norelius) 1999-
Other groups in which the basic platfom is some kind of "experimental rock" although free improvisation is part of it: E.g.:
Maksymenko&Kropparna, Mental Hospitality, David Thomas&The Pedestrians, ONO, Or Never Band, Skipper Worse, Jade Gold Silver (with Jie Zelf, Gustav Nygren) 2008-.
Music to several Butoh-performances, solo and occasionally together with Bergmark and Norelius.
Also many collaborations with people working in other art forms as: dancers, choreographers, poets, directors, actors, video- and film makers, photographers, architechts, writers, painters, sculptors and performance artists.
[Sören Runolf at Hide, Gotland, 2004]

Smullotron live at the 9th Okno theatre festival, playing at Teatr Współczesny, Malarnia, organized by Teatr Kana, Szczecin, pl '05. This is the whole concert.

The 9th Okno theatre festival, as presented by Teatr Kana themselves. We're in it a bit too, at 2.33-5.50.
[Smullotron at Hide, Gotland, 2004]
Smullotron at Hide, Gotland, 2004. Bergmark, Norelius, Runolf.

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