Two saws played by Johannes Bergmark at Fylkingen.

[Two saws played at once]
The Saws I began to play after having been inspired by Hal Rammel (below, left) in Wisconsin and his wonderful playing.

I often play the saw in concerts, sometimes two at once.

BE/AE language flag I also wrote and recorded a saw octet.
Jag skrev och spelade också in en sågoktett.

BE/AE language flag Here is a description about how to play the saw and other interesting facts about saw playing.
Här finns en beskrivning av hur man spelar såg och andra intressanta fakta om sågspel.

[Bergmark with saw]
[Rammel and Bergmark with saws]
Photo © by Gina Litherland.

This character, from the comic strip “God” by John Andersson, has come to life on the opening of the Exhibition “Detektiven och syndafallet – på spaning efter den uratmosfär som flytt”, by Niklas Nenzén and John Andersson, Saturday the 22 of November, 2011 at Larry's Corner, Stockholm. Interpreted by Johannes Bergmark. Filmed by Jonas Enander.
Below it's seen turned 90°!

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