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Does the swedish state still educate priests for the Swedish Church?

Folkvett nr 4, 2009 Utbildar staten fortfarande Svenska Kyrkans präster? (Original full-length text.)

Since the swedish state and church (lutheran) were separated in 2000, and they were supposed to exit the universities and take care of their own confessional educations, the strategy of the Swedish Church has actually been successful of dictating their wishes for the contents and organization of the educations, still largely within the universities, and the official demands for scientificness have been suppressed in order to accept its needs. Other religious groups, especially christian ones, have been given almost free hands to create college educations in order to carry through their confessional staff educations as well, on the payroll of the tax payers. At the same time as hard critique has been coming from within state institutions in 2009, I took a look at the church's own motives and ask how the government will act: in favor of science or of faith?

A shorter version of the text was published in the swedish skeptics' (Vetenskap och Folkbildning) magazine Folkvett no 1, 2010.
[The picture is of the cover of the previous issue.]

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