Starts education as a piano technician in Leksand. Starts to build and invent instruments there.
Makes my own local radio program with my own poetry and live improvisation.
Film music to an unrealized 16-mm film by Martyn Eales.
Music and dance in amateur theatre staging of August Strindberg's Spöksonaten (Ghost Sonata) at Sveasalen (?), Leksand.
Improvised music to Charles Chaplin's The Idle Class.
Music and posing for the slide show “Älskade Människa” (Beloved Human Being) by Malin Strandli, performed at Visir Bio (?).
Music for slide show about the life in and threats against the Baltic Sea by Anette Rattfelt och Josefin Edling, with support from Naturskyddsföreningen.
Solo performance with dance and music in Leksand (Hantverkets Folkhögskola).
Solo performance and concert with Magnus Alexanderson and Paul Pignon at HG5, Stockholm.
Writes a text for the book The Pink Violin by Jon Rose.
Tour as improvising musician in the performance FU with Susanna Åkerlund (later SU-EN) butoh, Magnus Alexanderson (electronic music and improvisation), Sachiko Hayashi (art). Performances in Malmö (Fakiren and Fru Kleins Kafé), Stockholm (Folkens Museum – Etnografiska and HG5), Linköping (Alka), Järna and Leksand (Hantverkets Folkhögskola).


Builds a large, unbound, clavichord (18th century type) under the direction of Hans Erik Svensson on his course at Marholmen Folkhögskola and with a support from the grant fund for musical instrument technicians of the Royal Swedish Music Academy (Kungliga Musikaliska Akademien.
Participates on a workshop with Mats Gustafsson and Arne Forsén.
Forms De Stora Osynligas Orkester with Martin Küchen, Christian Werner, Carl-Michael Edenborg och Galina Gornostajeva. Temporary collaborators were Anna Westman, Daniel Scott and Maria “Misan” Liljas.
Continues the piano technician's education, and the building of both traditional and invented instruments, after the summer at Musikk Instrument Akademiet in Moss, norway.
Premiere of the Stringed Stirrups at Unga Atalante, Göteborg, and Musikmuseet, Stockholm.


The performance UMU 1 by SU-EN Butoh Co, where I am musician and dancer, and with the participation of Yumiko Seki, is played on Vita-Huset in Uppsala and at Fylkingen (unlisted in the Fylkingen book catalog), where also Sören Runolf participates.
Assistant on butoh workshops on both places.
The happening Birdshit on Water with SU-EN Butoh Co on the facade of the Royal Opera, with song by Christian Werner on the terrace, with rope ladders and Stringed Stirrups on Vattenfestivalen (Stockholm Water Festival).
Recording with the hard rock group Manic Depression (probably nothing came out of it).
Solos and group concerts on Unga Atalante, Göteborg.
Stringed Stirrups at HDK's (Högskolan för Design och Konst hantverk) inauguration for their renovated building (with princess Christina in the audience) with a.o. Niklas Rydén, Göteborg.
Solo performances with acting, poetry, text and music at Volapük and Unge Kunstneres Samfund, Oslo.
Musician and actor in dance/drama performance Skal, skal ikke at Mølla dans- og teaterverksted, Moss, norway.
Many solo performances in Moss, a number with De Stora Osynligas Orkester at Galleri/Kafé Aguéli and Mosebacke in Stockholm with the participation of a.o. surrealist sound poet Ilmar Laaban, Anna Westman, Stefan Lakatos and Mattias Forshage.
Two radio interviews, one half an hour long and a short in På Tiden by Agneta Mogren.
Concert at “Terre Interieure” the Exhibition of the Paris Group of the Surrealist Movement, at Hourglass Gallery, Paris with Alexandre Pierrepont, Daniel Vasseaux and Bertrand Schmitt.
Discovery of Giacinto Scelsi, which influences my saw playing.
Performance with artist, poet and language inventor Jonas Qvale at S:t Croix in Fredrikstad.
Full evening solo performance with acting, mask, dance, speech, sound poetry, objects and music at Papillon (later Halina's) in Moss.
Contribution to the anthology Surrealism i svensk poesi ed. Lasse Söderberg, FIB:s Lyrikklubbs års bok, Liber Förlag.
Music to the TV1-documentary Sabbats-sabotören by Birgitta Bergmark.
Performance in Östen med gäster, TV2 Sundsvall.
Starting the work Nordiskt Musikinstrumentuppfinnarlexikon (left unfinished).
Participates in 10-person improvisation concert Ex Tempore at Fylkingen. (# 1541-2 in the Fylkingen book catalog.)
With Erik Lindman and Jonny Axelsson for choreographer/dancer Eva Ingemarsson's High Heels at the opening of the travelling exhibition “Varde” in London, Royal Collage of Art.
Tv-documentary about the above, tv4/tv21.
Solo performance at Gerlesborgsskolan, while participating in the Body Weather Workshop with butoh dancers Tess DeQuincey and Stuart Lynch.
Collaboration with the ceramic artist Birte Kittilsen with compositions and concerts using her ceramic musical instruments, and an exchange of ideas about their development.
Workshops and concert with Phil Minton and his Feral Choir at Musikhögskolan and at Andra Böcker & Skivor.
Workshops wiht Maggie Nichols and Jaap Blonk during Vokalfestivalen, where I was also active during the jam sessions.
Participating in happening/concert by Bengt Carling at Konstfack's 150 years anniversary exhibition at Kulturhuset with a.o. Thomas Mera Gartz, Martin Küchen and the norwegian improvising group The Source, including Trygve Seim, Øyvind Brække, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and Per Oddvar Johansen.
Participating in improvisation seminar and concert with dutch Theo Loevendie och Guus Janssen at Ny Musikk's Autunnale festival in Bergen, no.

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