Lecturer, musical instructor and workshop leader (children, students and adults).

Radio program host for Radio Småland, Smålands Nations Närradio, Lund, and in Leksands Närradio.

Memberships: (in my youth: Kommunistisk Ungdom (vice president of the Farsta branch, southern Stockholm suburb), Elevorganisationen, Folkkampanjen mot kärnkraft (study group leader), Unga Forskare, Socialistiska Förbundet (on the board), Ungsocialisterna, Socialistisk Ungdom för El Salvador, Bennyföreningen, Revolutionära Socialister); The Surrealist Group in Stockholm since its formation in '86. FSJ (Föreningen Sveriges Jazzmusiker) for a few years in the '80s. LMC a couple of years in the '90s. Fylkingen in Stockholm since about '96 (member of the production team '98 -'99; member of the board and production team '01-'02, chairman '02-'04 + '09-'10, member of the board and production team -'10-'11). FRIM '98-'05 and '09- (webmaster -'02; member of board '98 - '00; chairman '01-'02). VEMS (Verksamma vid EMS) a couple of years and '09-. Musikcentrum. Citizen #446 and Minister of Reinventions of The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland. Member of SKODK (Svenska Konstnärers Organisation för Digital Konst, that ran CRAC (Creative Room for Art & Computing) '00 to '04. SEAMS, Sweden's Electro-Acoustic Music Society '00-'05 and '09-. RANK (Riksförbundet Arrangörer av Nutida Konstmusik) (secretary of the board '01-'03). Föreningen Svenska Tonsättare (FST), Society of Swedish Composers since '02. STIM '03-'06. Part of IAPAO, the International Association of Performance Art Organizers, as a representative of Fylkingen '03-'05; contact for Northern Europe '04 - '05. Demokratinätet '01 to '04. Passive (support) member of the political activist group Globalisering Underifrån '01 to '03. Part of the civil disobedience campaign planka.nu since '01. Soil Society, a swedish-mongolian Cultural Organization '04 - '05. Gröndals Båtklubb '04 - '06. Vetenskap och Folkbildning - the swedish skeptics' society, since '07. Atheist network in Szczecin '07-'08. Surrealist Group in Szczecin '07-'08. PSR in '08. WIP:Sthlm '09-'11. Hyresgästföreningen, now and then. Different unions since '82. Levande Musik '17-.

piano at Kommunala Musikskolan
Hammarbygymnasterna (elite gymnastics)
Photography course
Norra Latins Gymnasium (natural sciences profile)
“Jazz/rock improvisation och ensemblespel” evening course
language courses in italian, spanish and czech
Stockholm University, Musicology 1 1/2 years
Lund University, Philosophy 1 year
private sculpture student to Evert Lindfors a few weeks
Hantverkets Folkhögskola (nowadays Leksand Folkhögskola), Piano Technician 1 1/2 years
Musikk Instrument Akademiet, Moss, norway (later closed but reappeared in Sarpsborg), Piano- and Harpsichord Builder 3 1/2 years
Journeyman as a piano and harpsichord builder in germany '96
Many courses since '84, including the Electroacoustic Music Composition 2 years education, at EMS (Electronic Music Studio), graduated in '00 – among the teachers were Anders Blomqvist, Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Rolf Enström, Jens Hedman, Teddy Hultberg, Pär Johansson, Erik Mikael Karlsson, Efva Lilja, Paulina Sundin, Göran Svensson, Tamas Ungvary, Lars Åkerlund
different economy and promotion courses
Currently (from 2017) Master of Fine Arts in Music with specialization in Improvisation Performance at the Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg

Participated in workshops with: John Tchikai; David Moss; Arne Forsén and Mats Gustafsson; Tess DeQuincey and Stuart Lynch; Phil Minton; Jaap Blonk; Maggie Nichols; Dorothea Schürsch; Stella Polaris; Theo Loevendie and Guus Jansen; Gino Robair; Cecil Taylor; Kapotte Muziek; Andrea Neumann and Axel Dörner; Rhodri Davies; Ingar Zach; Andrea Neumann and Burkhard Beins; Ingo Reulecke and Thomas Kiesel; Fredrik Olofsson; Jeffrey Morgan; Syntjuntan; Nicolas Collins; Lars-Gunnar Bodin; Gino Robair again; Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen.

Occasional organizer of festivals, concerts and networks for intermedia and performance art, improvised and electronic music.

Dancer and musician in SU-EN Butoh Company '91-'94. Tours in Sweden. Afterwards sometimes collaborating as a musician.

Actor and musician in professional street theatre group Stella Polaris tour '95 - '97 and '99.
Actor and musician in Fossbryterne canal performance by Skuespillerkompaniet '97.
Actor, composer, musician, dancer and technician in Hans og Grethe, Snødronningen and Smørbukk by Eventyrteatret, no '95 - '04.

International adviser for The Rosenberg Museum.

Musikaliska Akademiens Stipendier För Instrumenttekniker (Royal Musical Academy's grants for musical instrument technicians) '93.
Sleipnir (twice).
Svensk Musik travel grant '02.
Stockholms Stads Konstnärsstipendium '03.
Svenska Institutet travel grant '04.
STIM work grant '00, '03, '05, '12.
Konstnärsnämnden – the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, work grant '01, '02, '04, '07.
Konstnärsnämnden work grant "with a goal" '06.
Konstnärsnämnden travel grants (numerous times).
Konstnärsnämnden project grant '16.
FST grant '10, '14, '15.
FST recreation, travel & study grants '03, '12, '14, '15.
Musikalliansen employed as a free lance musician '08-'17.

Prizes and competitions: I refuse to have anything to do with competitions. I don't participate, I don't sit in jurys. Nevertheless, my work for the Swedish Radio Corporation, Tiden Går, was sent as the contribution from the radio to the international competition Prix Italia. It didn't win. I have debated this question in the Swedish Composers' Society. I argued for the closure of the competition of text-sound compositions that EMS ran, and it was closed with the agreement in the EMS-rådet I was a representative in.

Culture-related work: sound- and light technician at technical production of and during performances, archiving and registering, webmaster (with experiences of digital sound- video- and image editing), proof reader, magazine editor, translator, work in the bar, selling tickets, cleaning etc.

Non-culture-related work: piano tuner and –technician, janitor (3 different places), kindergarten worker, after school child care, personal assistant to a school boy with social problems, music- and school teacher extra, home assistant to 5 people with mental handicaps, personal assistant to a man with multiple handicaps, swedish teacher, telephone interview worker, newspaper deliverer, postman and mail sorting, restaurant dishwasher, lamp store assistant etc.

Driving license: since '06.

Lived in: Stockholm, sweden '63-'68; Rome, italy '69; Stockholm, sweden '69-'84 (spending all my childhood summers + a few winters in Cupramarittima, AP, italy); Lund, sweden '84-'85; Malmö, sweden '85; Stockholm '85-'90; Leksand, sweden '90-'91; Moss, norway '91-'96; Oslo, norway '96-'97; Stockholm '97-'04; Szczecin, poland '04-'06; Los Angeles, California '06; Stockholm '06-'17; '12-'14 a frequent visitor to Berlin; Göteborg (Gothenburg, sweden) '17-.

Languages: swedish, english, norwegian, italian, (also, to smaller degrees: german, french, spanish and polish). Understands but doesn't talk danish. Studied czech but forgot most of it.

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