Yoke For Stones.

Yoke for Stones from Johannes Bergmark's vimeo channel, filmed by Agustín Ortiz Herrera.

Yoke for Stones

Pictures from the performance, photos © by Anders Rönnlund. One photo from the building, photo © by SU-EN.

Moving stones. For every building of stone, stone has to be moved. Someone has to move it. Where does the stone belong? Does it long for home, does it long for going away? Who is listening?

Made at The Stone Project Lab, art and body project with international visual and performance artists. Haglund Skola, Uppsala county, and performed in The Stone Project, public event, presenting installations, dance, sound art and art performances based on the lab working process with STONE. Uppsala city walking street (Celciuspromenaden, from Stadsbiblioteket to Stora torget). UNT preview. Project video. Project catalog. Organizer: SU-EN Butoh Company/Mon no Kai and Köttinspektionen Konst.

Thank you to SU-EN, who borrowed me the beautiful yoke and came with inspiration and ideas for this piece.

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Updated the 4th of April, 2017.