[Veloncell Marcel]
The Veloncell Marcel is a hommage-copy of Duchamp’s famous Bicycle Wheel. The spokes of the wheel on the kitchen stool (and anything on the fork) are amplified through a contact microphone on the hub.
[Veloncell Marcel]
Played with bows, piano hammer ready in mouth.
[Marcel Duchamp: Bycycle Wheel 1913]
Marcel Duchamp: Bycycle Wheel, an early "ready-made" from 1913, this version at Moma, New York.
[Veloncell, closeup with bow] My copy of Duchamp's readymade (made 80 years later), has a tyre and a dynamo, for the electrical sound (and light!) (thus the first "electric" instrument that I have made).

Below it's exhibited as an interactive soundsculpture - it can also be played as an instrument.

[The Veloncell, with children]
The Veloncell Marcel played by a child at the Fylkingen exhibition Lydbilleder V (or Sound as Art as Sound) at Museet for Samtidskunst, Roskilde, denmark, 1999.

[Veloncell, painted white (Roskilde)]
[Veloncell Marcel played in Mongolia]

It was exhibited at the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts, Ulanbaatar, mongolia, in the joint mongolian-swedish exhibit in connection with Art Camp, mongolia '04 and '05, organized by Blue Sun Contemporary Art Studio & Center in collaboration with Soil Society, a swedish-mongolian Cultural Organization, and donated to the Blue Sun group. It is now in use by the mongolian musician Magnai.
[Veloncell Marcel played in Mongolia]
Ulan Baatar 2004.

Above a glimpse from an interview and a performance solo and with Virpi Pahkinen at the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts, Ulanbaatar, in the joint mongolian-swedish exhibit, in the coverage on mongolian tv.

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