Sound Fishing.

To the right: pictures from the building and performances of the piece. Photos © by me (and others coming later).
Sound Fishing at Sound at Nissan 2016

When I prepared myself for my participation in Sound at Nissan, I closely inspected the bridges in the area around Halmstad and contemplated the possibilities. At the only place that had more vivid water streams, the beautiful Slottsmöllan, I found a piece of driftwood that slightly resembled a fishing rod. With this as a base, and some paddles that I got from Mikael Ericsson in the windmill, I made a propeller that I thought would catch the streams and that I would then propel the sounds of out in the air, I made this water-proof version of the sound detector (which also can play materials on land).
I performed it at Slottsmöllan, in a duo with recordings of Laurie Tompkins, played by Mikael Ericsson. Later, I played it in Kapsylparken, where I tried to make the ducks interact, but they had better things to do.

Sound Fishing was a musical instrument and performance piece that I made as part of Sound at Nissan, Halmstad. Sound Art along the river. International artists and local inhabitants co-operate in a series of sound expeditions, installations and performances along Nissan - from the harbor, passing by Tullkammarkajen and all the way up to Slottsmöllan. Organizer: Harp Art Lab. Guide book in English.

I performed four pieces: Play The Bridge For The Fish!, Sound Fishing, An Acoustic Study Of The Ocean, and Stringed Stirrups in collaboration with Ann-Louise Liljedahl and Mikael Ericsson. I also had two guest appearance as a rabbit in performances by Kajsa Magnarsson.

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