[Bergmark in the center of the world: Haparanda!]

Johannes Bergmark – places I've performed

– in some cases: exhibited, teached or lectured, or fixed media works that have been performed without me. Alphabetical list. Not entirely complete because I started to write this in 2002 from memory.

To the right: in the center of the world: Haparanda!

Defined at present (although there are more): 32 countries; 206 cities/places; 622 venues/locations; 21 virtual places; 3 moving places.

at flag austria

be flag belgium

ca flag canada

cu flag cuba

cz flag czech Republic

dk flag denmark

gb flag england

ee estonia

fi flag finland

fr flag france

ge flag georgia

de flag germany

gr flag greece

hu flag hungary

is flag iceland

id flag indonesia

it flag italy

lv flag latvia

lt flag lithuania

my flag malaysia

mn flag mongolia

nl flag netherlands

northern_ireland flag northern ireland

no flag norway

pl flag poland

pt flag portugal

ru flag russia

sg flag singapore

sg flag spain

se flag sweden

tr flag turkey

us flag usa

Explaining my internationalist stance with a KREV flag at IAPAO 2nd conference and festival, Bandung, indonesia

Virtual places

To the right: Explaining my internationalist stance with a KREV flag at IAPAO 2nd conference and festival, Bandung, indonesia

Moving places

To the right is what I managed to list of all the places visited during my life so far.

So except for countries I played in, I also visited, or at least passed by 19 more (some of which don't exist anymore):

au australia (Byron Bay, Canberra, Sydney, Yass visiting surrealists)

at austria (passing Innsbruck, Wien (Freud museum))

cn bulgaria (Sofia)

cn china (Hong Kong)

hr croatia (Krk, Pula)

cz the late czechoslovakia (Praha and Kutna Hora visiting surrealists, zoo)

gdr the late german democratic republic (East Berlin visiting my aunt and cousin, Saßnitz)

de the late west germany (quickly passing Hamburg, Hannover, Lübeck, München on the way to italy, interrailing and hitchhiking)

in india (Mumbai/Bombay)

mt malta (Valletta)

mc monaco (taking a few steps on the railway station before traveling on to italy)

qa qatar (Doha airport)

sm san marino

si slovenia (driving through)

ch switzerland (transfer hotel in Zürich between australia and sweden)

ae united arab emirates (Abu Dhabi airport)

va the vatican (St Peter's Cathedral (Leonardo's Madonna etc), museum (Sistine Chapel etc), the square (the perspective point, the swiss guard etc))

vn vietnam (Chan May, Ha Long Bay, Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Nha Trang)

yu the late yugoslavia (Dubrovnik)

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