An Acoustic Study of The Ocean.

An Acoustic Study of the Ocean at Ljudexkursioner 2014

The piece comes from the old practice of a “feeling wire”, a piano string which swedish fishermen used in order to locate fish with the feeling.
A free sequence of the piece An Acoustic Study of the Wind.
Above: details from the premiere at Ljudexkursioner, with the sailing boat Schhh, in Stockholm's Archipelago with Ann Rosén & Sten-Olof Hellström. Sailing from Dalarö to Utö; sound excursion and mini concert at Utö, Norra Gästhamnen; live concert from the boat at Utö, west of Ängsholmen, at the entrance to Kyrkviken, in collaboration with Katarina Eriksson and Per Sacklén.

Pictures from the building and installation of the piece. Photos © by me (and others coming later).

When I prepared myself for my participation in Sound at Nissan, I closely inspected the bridges in the area around Halmstad and contemplated the possibilities. “Strindberg's Bridge”, (or Gamletullsbron) striked me as ideal for An Acoustic Study Of The Ocean. As a “thank you” to the fish and other underwater inhabitants that I expected to hear through the installation, I also wanted to give them the opportunity to share sounds with the beings under the river surface, so I also made a piece on the other side of the bridge, called Play The Bridge For The Fish!.

An Acoustic Study of The Ocean was a sound installation that I made as part of Sound at Nissan, Halmstad 2016: Sound Art along the river. International artists and local inhabitants co-operated in a series of sound expeditions, installations and performances along Nissan - from the harbor, passing by Tullkammarkajen and all the way up to Slottsmöllan. Organizer: Harp Art Lab. Guide book in English.

I performed four pieces: Play The Bridge For The Fish!, Sound Fishing, An Acoustic Study Of The Ocean, and Stringed Stirrups in collaboration with Ann-Louise Liljedahl and Mikael Ericsson. I also had two guest appearances as a rabbit in performances by Kajsa Magnarsson.

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