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About us:

The group has collaborated intimately in the creation of sound environments and concerts a number of times and has collaborated with collegues from Sweden, France, Germany and Ireland. Kerléo has earlier experience with the technical and mechanical rebuilding of a car into an electro-acoustic instrument and will be central in the further development of it this time. All three will work on the interior and exterior design of the van.

We’ll be autonomous in this work.

Earlier collaborations:

Damplifly, a sound environment, from Johannes' web page.

Soundcheck, Room Service, Resting Circuits & Semla Med Varm Mjölk, a sound environment at Fylkingen, described on Johannes' web page.

A play-off, battle, friendly match, let´s get sporty – electronic sound environment and concerts at Fylkingen.

Recording sessions at SAMI, sponsored by Musikalliansen.

Concert at wipsthlm.

Concert at Ljusfest.

Updated the 26th of July, 2010.