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Possibly the skull of Hitler.


10'38 minutes, after an idea of Allan Åkerlund.

Première at Elektrisk Pingst, Rålambshovsparken, Stockholm, 30th of May, 2004.

Essays have been written about Hitler's ways of speaking and writing. Thus, the timbre, melody and rhyhtm of his voice have been analysed, i.e. his art of speaking in terms of music. With this idea in mind I have used archive recordings of his speaches to put together an added sound, Hitler's own spectrum into a dense mass. "Hitler" consists of up to 1593 layers of his voice. This is the technical description.
The ideological one is that, even if Hitler's body was blasted in the bunker, and his politics and aesthetics were officially destroyed with the same power of that explosion, his dust, his atoms remain in the dust and the air of the present, and might even have landed in our own bodies. We can't escape his existance only by demonising him. His tendences are regrouped and come forward in the expressions of other forms even in contemporary politics. If he weren't used as a weapon under taboo, it would be easy to draw parallels to contemporary totalitarian and racist regimes that instead of calling their enemies jews might say communists, terrorists or even anti-semites. To fight nazism today can't only be to remember the holocaust, it must be to fight all sorts of pursuit, probation, sweating and repression, no matter if it's in the name of our people, religion or nation, or in some other - or in (the swedish) democracy!

Made at EMS 2004.

Updated the 12th of December 2008.