Elective Affinities

9'12 or 3'00 minutes.

Five channel piece commissioned for Utsnitt, a foyer installation during Fylkingen's 75 years anniversary festival, 22nd - 30th of November, 2008.

The sound comes exclusively from the instrument Platforms.
The order was on a piece with the duration of 2-3 minutes. When it was done, however, it was 9'12, and thus I made two versions.
The title comes from Goethe (who borrowed it in his turn from chemistry) but is an established concept often referring to free attractions between humans. However, it could also refer to an attraction between humans and other objects like e.g. sounds, or an imagined attraction between objects, like e.g. between sound objects. That's how I imagine that the relation between the objects can appear here. Every fragment is thrown out between the channels by dice throws - and silences are dictated by the number six on the dice, in order to avoid a subjective notion of aleatoriness.
The longer version contains more silences and the aleatoriness here appears more evident than in the short one, where three layers overlap.

Updated the 10th of January, 2012.