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Electro-acoustic (and some other) Music
Johannes Bergmark

Mari Kretz and Johannes Bergmark at eam concert, Långholmen 2011, photo © by Per Åhlund
Mari Kretz and Johannes Bergmark at VEMS' yearly summer concert, Långholmen, Stockholm 2011, photo © by Per Åhlund.

I don't normally write music for other musicians. I make music alone or in cooperation with others. To compose for a group of people that are only supposed to express what I want, my vision or utopia, is an act that in itself contradicts what I want, my vision or utopia. I want to avoid hierarchic use of power. I want to increase the instances of equality, discussion and critical thinking and at the same time I hope to inspire others to take their liberties. To engage, then, in an activity that is hierarchic, is not appealing for me.
(I might possibly make compositions, also with sheet music, for live instruments in cooperation with specific musicians that I've got to know, in the future. I keep an open mind about this but it hasn't happened yet.)
In that sense, I don't fit in the standard image of what a composer is. However, I often make compositions, in the sense of music with predetermined sound structure (also improvised pieces are compositions, though). Since it's usually just my own and not forced upon others, it's a cheap process. Either it's on “tape” or performed live by myself. Some of my favorites lately are described below.

[Bergmark checking the settings at an electro-acoustic consert in Rålambshovsparken, Stockholm, 2002.]
Bergmark checking the settings at the electro-acoustic concert “PolarEkonsert” in Rålambshovsparken, Stockholm 2001.

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