The Plastic Didgeridoo. A version of the australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo made by plastic and decorated with birch-bark like a folk scandinavian wooden trumpet (Näverlur). I calculated it to have C as its fundamental, in order to be able to play it combined with throat-singing which for me is easiest around the note C.

To the left in the picture, you see the didgeridoo I bought in an Aboriginan-run store in Sydney, australia in '88. I didn't know how to play it at the time, but eventually taught myself. Before I went to australia I had no idea what a didgeridoo was though I had heard it on recordings. It wasn't the big fashion then as it became later. When didgeridoo players appeared in every corner, I realized many of them were far better than me, so I stopped playing it as much as I did at first.

In the middle, a traditional näverlur, I made at the MIA school in norway.

To the right, the plastic didgeridoo.

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Updated the 14th of December 2008.
The Plastic Didgeridoo