“Market” at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Sal D: concert and workshop for all ages
Audience participation at Haekem, Brussels be in concert with I Belong to the Band (Adam Bohman, Zsolt Sörès, Oli Mayne, Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg), Willy Van Buggenhout, JJ Duerinckx, Mike Goyvaerts, Audrey Lauro + audience participants under the direction of Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg: me, Mara Pigeon, Pierre Michel Zaleski, Jean Philippe Burg, Monique.
Master class lecture, Department of Instrument Building, Conservatorium Gent / School of Arts Gent, be: “From the backyards of musical instrument acoustics – some unusual examples” + Presentation of my own work + discussion
KRAAK festival, Beursschouwburg, Brussels be: three performances: Gouden zaal: Stringed Stirrups; I Have Been In You, You Have Been In Me; Café: lecture on my work with video clips. Interview.
ToBe Continued, 8th edition World TB Day, Streaming on the internet, 24-hours music marathon organized by the Global Health Incubator of Topolò and Stazione di Topolò.
TGC (Tetra Gamma Circulaire) #3 / MAT>NET>PU at DE PLAYER, Rotterdam nl: two performances: Stringed Stirrups; I Have Been In You, You Have Been In Me. Also: Hiele Martens, Helga Jakobson. In collaboration with students (Karina Dukalska, Max Franklin, Giulia de Giovanelli, Clàudia Giralt, Francisco González, Margreet Riphagen, Nadine Rotem-Stibbe and Kimmy Spreeuwenberg) of the Piet Zwart Institute, part of their Experimental Publishing (XPUB) programme of the Media Design Master.
Hurtigrutten – Jordbro Konst och Performance at Jordbro kulturhus: S.K.R.O.T. Sinnlig Kakafoni Rostade Olycksbådande Toner - Klangen av rörelsen och dansen i den spelande kroppen. Ljud- och rörelsekonstnärer suddar ut gränserna mellan konstformerna och möts i mellanrummet. Premiere of a project with choreographers/performance artists Louise Kvarby & Anna Lord and musical performance artist (or whatever) Johannes Bergmark, a performance piece exploring the many sound and movement usages that thrown away objects with their inherent stories may have. Recycling what some see as garbage and giving it new lives. The reincarnation and animation of objects through movement and sound. (Musikrummet)
Rösta på Fylkingen V 2017, trio with Carin Norrby and Girilal Baars; tutti orchestra also including Madeleine Jonsson Gille and Lisa Hansson. Members' production by Baars and Bergmark.
Concert at Omnikvariatet, Uppsala: Quartet with Girilal Baars, Tuomo Haapala, Marie Selander – cancelled.
“SEAMS i Ryssland”: presentation at Kulturni centar ZIL (??. ?????????), Moscow, by Paul Pignon (as the introduction to an EAM concert), about SEAMS, EMS, Fylkingen and swedish EAM in general, playing short excerpts from works submitted by members of SEAMS to a later concert below.
12 hours improvisation with Le DBN (Mats Dimming, Girilal Baars, Yann le Nestour), “Att övergå tid och rum”, where The Great Learning Orchestra (represented by me, Torbjörn Bellind, Lily Bigestans, Aina Myrstener, Sören Runolf and Daniel Älgå) were among the guest artists, at Dome of Visions, Stockholm
SOLO-festivalen at Galleri 1, Uppsala. I performed “Surrealist Musical Object Theatre”. Also performing: Sofia Jernberg, Elsa Bergman. Fb-event. Fb-group.
“SEAMS i Ryssland”, at Kulturni centar ZIL (??. ?????????), Moscow. After Paul Pignon's presentation mentioned above, a loop was played in a week's time with the works that “SEAMS' members had sent in to the Moscow program. My piece: Tiden Går.
Tall Ships Race, ”Jollyparken” (Järnvägsparken), Halmstad: open musical instrument inventing/building workshop for children and families. Welcome to be inspired by unusual instruments and build something! Organized by Kajsa Bacos and Ole Sand at Kulturverket, in collaboration with Kulturförvaltningen.
Saw concert and talk at Västergården, Uppsala. An intimate saw concert and conversation with the inhabitants at the house for the elderly.
SU-EN Butoh Company celebrates 20 years at Haglund Skola!, close to Almunge. Open house. Guest artists: Junichi Kakizaki, Johannes Bergmark, Kirsten Holm, Nobuyuki Sugihara, Lise-Lotte Norelius, Sören Runolf, Hans T Sternudd, Eva Björkman, Agustin Ortiz Herrera and choir Munviga under the direction of Gina van Dam, together with workshop participants celebrate this occasion with performances and party! SU-EN Butoh Company at FB. Butoh, performance art, sound art, installations and ”artistry" during one day. I performed “Stringed Stirrups” in the trees behind the house, and an improvisation with Kirsten Holm and philosopher Per Nilsson in the yard.
Barnas Ultima-dag (BUD) at Vinterhagen, Sentralen, Oslo: Sprelltima i klanghagen by Drivhuset musikkverksted with Isak Anderssen, Johannes Bergmark, Jon Halvor Bjørnseth. Open workshop and concert with many unusual and invented instruments. Among hundreds of children and adults also Frode Barth and festival director Lars Petter Hagen played with us. Idea/concept: Drivhuset stiftelsen for musikalsk verkstedsarbeid.
Den årliga kulturbesiktningenKulturnatta3:e Våningen, Göteborg – Tema dans och rörelser. I performed “I have been in you, you have been in me”, “Stringed Stirrups”, Platform, Metal Harp and saws
Jubileumskonsert - Improvisation och världsmusik, the Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg, A301, Sjöströmsalen: Johannes Bergmark – João Grilo: amplified objects, piano
REM Festivalkongress – fieldrecording at Schwankhalle, Bremen. Konzerte, Filme, Vorträge. I performed “I have been in you, you have been in me”; “An Acoustic Study of the Wind”; “Stringed Stirrups”. Trailer. PGNM - projektgruppe Neue Musik.
Den okända familjen! at LAT63 art arena, Frösön, sweden. “Long strings, short instruments, a lot of sounds and big height. A musical experiment with 25 musicians from Birka folkhögskola, 10 sound artists from Hola folkhögskola, Ulrika Bodén, Jens Comén, Johannes Bergmark, Björn Eriksson, Jimmy Dahlberg. Artistic idea, director: Andreas Brännlund. Pictures and film here.
Shiny Toys Festival, Festival für zeitbasierte Experimentalkultur at Ringlokschuppen Ruhr, Zentrum für Kunst und Technik Makroscope e.V. und mex - intermediale und experimentelle Musikprojekte e.V. realisiert. In Kooperation mit dem Kassetten- und Vinyllabel Ana Ott. Gefördert durch das Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen und den Kulturbetrieb Mülheim an der Ruhr. Das Projekt analog/digital“ wird zusätzlich gefördert durch das NRW Kultursekretariat Wuppertal., Mülheim an der Ruhr, germany. I performed Stringed Stirrups.
Eternity of a moment, Lindgrensalen (A302), the Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg. Program concert of the Master of Fine Arts in Music with specialization in Improvisation Performance. Duo Johannes Bergmark – Tomas Halling
Ljudbio IV, Slottsbiografen, Uppsala. Electroacoustic music, experimental electronic music with a narrative. My contribution was Vedbodens fossila livsormar. Arr: Kulturföreningen NEO
Christmas Show, Sjöströmsalen (A301), the Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg. A saw solo was scheduled but cancelled because of sickness.

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