Pinpanpun and Luminoso present Palindrome, T-Berlin, fb. Voice duo with Ina Sagstuen
multi BASH – days for hard listening improvised non music at Altes Finanzamt project space, fb, Platforms and saw solo. Fb event
multi BASH – days for hard listening improvised non music at Galerie Mario Mazzoli, w Elo Masing and Caroline Cecilia Tallone. Fb event
With Martin Klapper at Resonans @ New Directions Festival, Piteå, FB event; FB page. Workshop in collaboration with Kluster and Norrbotten Improvisers' Orchestra at Open Stage, Piteå Conservatory + concert at Black Box, Studio Acusticum
Kalv på resa (the Kalv Festival on tour), with Duo Gelland and Elsbeth Bergh, in Sjuhäradsbygden, sweden. I had a number of musical instrument inventing and -building workshops with children of different ages and origins, and, together with Duo Gelland, composition workshops usually ending up in concerts together. Mårdaklevs skola; Vistaholms föräldrakooperativ; Kulturskolan Ulricehamn; Folkets hus Ulricehamn; Tranemo kulturskola; Glasets Hus Limmared; Fritslaskolan Mark; Borås Konstmusum; Kulturskolan Borås.
Workshop with students at the Academy of Music and Drama, Göteborg University, Composition and Individual performance programme (B.A.), at “Individrummet”, Artisten and the workshop at Frilagret 2015.
R.P.T. bruitist team pursuit edition, collaborations with Henning Frimann, Funazuma, Fune, Colin Petit, Utku Tavil and a large collective piece with all present at Dome of Visions, København, dk
R.P.T. party edition XIX, duo with Martin Klapper at Mayhem, København, dk
R.P.T. party XX!!! grand gala, quartet with Gil Delindro, Martin Lau, Ruben Tenenbaum at Mayhem, København, dk
FST, Föreningen svenska tonsättares vårkonferens Min inspiration at Winterviken. I contributed with a three minutes speech about inspiration.
Elektronsöndag i Boulognern - Ljudbio under bar himmel at Milles Änglar, Gävle. My piece Sten Hanson's Toothpick was played. Arr: Ideella Kulturföreningen/duon Moneeo.
Kalv på resa (the Kalv Festival on tour), with Duo Gelland and Elsbeth Bergh concluded with a workshop with pupils from Mårdaklev, Ö Frölunda, a.o.; a concert with children and a concert with me and Duo Gelland at Skolan in Kalv, as well as a concert with children at Rydals museum.
Elsvets på Köttinspektionen, Uppsala, organized by VEMS and SEAMS, as part of KulturNatten. Support by EMS. I contributed with the piece Sten Hanson's Toothpick.
Soup & Sound House Concert, Brooklyn, New York city, quintet with Shelley Hirsch, Terrence McManus, Michael Evans, Andrew Drury.
Solo at Trans-Pecos, Queens, New York city. Youtube recording here.
Solo at Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music, Pyramid Atlantic, Silver Spring, Washington DC
Workshop session with Jack Wright in his studio, Philadelphia, including Ames Wadsworth Strong, Nicholas Thompson-Brown, Hannah Judd.
Trio w Adam Bohman / Clive Graham at Pageant: Soloveev Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Recording session with Neil Feather at his studio, Baltimore, Maryland
Nordic Music Days, Dome Of Visions, København, denmark
KONTAKT 2015, arranged by SEAMS together with Annan Musik in collaboration with Norrköpings Konstmuseum. I contributed with the piece Sten Hanson's Toothpick.
Papiermusik (in the exhibition 'Re/presenting Music #2'), Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin, curated by Eloisa Guarracino in collaboration with Finow-Grundschule, solo performing of 25 graphic compositions by 25 children
Hörlurskonsert at Stadsbiblioteket Gävle. Among others, my piece Sten Hansons’s Toothpick (with voice) was played. Arranged by Moneeo in cooperation with Gävle Stadsbibliotek. Fb event.

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