Soloist in New Year's Concerts in Fredrikstad, Moss and Sarpsborg with Østfold Wienerensemble, concert master Odd Hannisdal. On Johann Strauss' Pizzicato Polka I play a Stringed Wheel with Tom Simensen, on “fluteified” bicycle pump.
Participation in a jester course in connection with Beatrijs middle age play in Rygge kirke.
Concert on a “faschingsparty” i Markneukirchen, de.
Qualifying piece of work with resulting Gesellenbrief (proof as a journeyman) with a good degree as a piano- and cembalo builder in Klingenthal, de.
Nord-Impro in København Kulturby in the group Universal Improvisation Syndicate with Martin Klapper, Niels Winther, Sören Runolf, Jindřich Biskup, Ketil Theissen, Erik Rytter, Henning Frimann and Søren Gorm. Compositions and films by Skræp members.
Solo concert Kambo skole, no.
Music for the theatre play Spyttprøven (The Spit Test) by and with Knut Arild Melbøe a.o., and Anders Nilsson as theatre instructor, 9 performances in Moss, Fredrikstad, Halden, Oslo and Ås.
Acrobatic Music concert with humorous gags at exhibition opening In Loco, Risør Kunstforening.
Participation in Kraftdagarna, Musicological Institution, Göteborg University, a seminari about historical keyboard instruments.
Lecture about Duchamp with bicycle wheel concert, music solo to Luís Buñel's film Golden Age, to a theatre play by Gaute Næsheim and with Amarcord to Fernand Léger's Ballet Mécanique at Surrealistaften, Kinokaféen, Fredrikstad.
Horror Vacui at Volapük Vårfestival, Oslo.
Organizing Moss 2nd Improvisation Festival at Kafé Halina, with Trygve Seim, Øyvind Brække, Per Oddvar Johansen, Amarcord, Alastair Laurence, Christian Werner.
Fredrikstad's 1st Improvisation Festival, with different constellations and solo to theatre play by Gaute Næsheim.
Acrobatic Music with a Stringed Stirrups duo between trees in the woods, and acting in Tundals Visjon by Stella Polaris in Tønsberg.
Part of a jam at Live at Haakon's, Moss.
Solo concert Musikkens Dag, Bankplassen, Oslo.
Part of multi-media performance Eventa, Ekeby Qvarn Artspace, Uppsala: cooperations with poets Age Kempe and Christian Nilsson, SU-EN Butoh Company workshop group, musicians (Tsutomu) "Quagero" “Bass Ninja” Imazawa (jp), Sören Runolf, Mats Lindström, Daniele Vezzoli (it) and Maria Liljas.
Participation in Samtidsmausoléet with Magne Rudjord, Jonas Qvale and Amarcord at a beach in Hvaler, no.
Tour in usa and canada:
Fyfe's, Madison, Wi with Hal Rammel and Steve Nelson-Raney.
Live solo on Hal Rammel's radio show Alternating Currents in Milwaukee, Wi.
Session with Bob Marsh, Chicago, Ill.
Lunar Cabaret, Chicago with Hal Rammel, John Corbett and Terri Kapsalis.
Recording in Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago with Hal Rammel for a duo cd.
Lunar Cabaret, Chicago with Michael Zerang, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Ken Vandermark and Hal Rammel.
LSPU Hall, St John's, NF, ca, duo with Hal Rammel, our main concert during the festival Sound Symposium 8. The concert was recorded by CBC, the national canadian radio for the program Two New Hours.
Playing in the “electronic sound environment” Off-Hour Wait State by Tom Hamilton (New York) at Wordplay Bookstore, med Hal Rammel, Gina Litherland a.o.
Interview with CBC.
Voice solo at open mic for the festival musicians, Fat Cat.
Stringed Stirrups at Arts and Culture Centre, main stage.
Part of the big outdoors midnight performance Cape Spear Project where I sing in a trio with Sainkho Namtchylak and Paul Dutton.
LSPU Hall, final concert with Improv Combinations: duo with Art Pratten of the Nihilist Spasm Band, with dance by Tristan Rehner and Louise Moyes. And another voice trio with Sainkho Namtchylak and Paul Dutton, where I also play the saw.
(The evening ends with a freer party where I also have a voice solo in an ad-hoc funk orchestra.)
Knitting Factory, The Bunker Annex Series For Free Improvisation, New York, NY. Solo and a trio with Chris Kelsey and Hans Tammen.
I hold the workshop Improvising On and Building Unorthodox Musical Instruments together with musical instrument builder Jessie Frazier at Birmingham Art Association during Birmingham Improv 96 International Festival, Birmingham, Al.
Musician in Yuriy Zmorovych's (Kiev, ukr) workshop with theatre improvisation.
Short concert with Clifford McPeek aka Colonel Cleetus and Jessie Frazier at the ceremony for delivering the Key To The City of Birmingham to Yuriy Zmorovych.
In Atlanta Comprovisors Orchestra, led by Clifford McPeek, at Club 21.
Duo with Gino Robair (San Francisco) at 22nd St. Jazz Cafe.
In Theatre of the Absurd with Yuriy Zmorovych and his workshop a.o., Terrific New Theatre.
Solo with Stringed Stirrups and quartet with Jessie Frazier, Clifford McPeek and Gino Robair and guest singer Jessie's dog at Terrific New Theatre.
Concert/memorial moment at Sun Ra's grave with other musicians and poets.
Taking part in a panel discussion in Unitarian Church: Music As A Political Statement, led by Ned Mudd.
In The Sergey Kuryokhin Memorial Festival Orchestra, led by Boris Rayskin, Sczjd Reasoning, Arcady Kirichenko, Clifford McPeek and Misha Feigin, with a.o. Davey Williams and LaDonna Smith.
Colourscape Music Festival, solo and duo with Lawrence Casserley, London.
Stringed Stirrups at Kulturnatta, Unga Atalante, Göteborg.
Initiates an international inquiry about music in the surrealist movement.

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