Jan, 30: De stora osynligas orkester (Martin Küchen, Johannes Bergmark, Galina Gornostajeva, Christian Werner and Carl Michael Eldenborg) at Poeternas Estrad, Cornelis-rummet, Mosebacke
Tour with SU-EN Butoh Company, on most places including Yumiko Seki, Chris McAlister and Mats Åkerberg:
Music with Catherine Christer Hennix in a butoh performance in her exhibition Mathém at Galleri Enkehuset;
NIN-GYO/fisk-människa (fish/human) – butoh and music with Erik Lindman and Jonny Axelsson on a boat in Södra Förstadskanalen at Malmöfestivalen;
UMU 2 (butoh and saw solo) premiere at Teater Trixter, Göteborgs Dans- och Teaterfestival;
also solo concert at artistkaféet, Pusterviksteatern;
Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm;
Arbetets Museum, Norrköpings Dansfestival;
Lilla Teatern, Lund.
Assisting at workshops during the tour and autumn and with the work for the workshop group's stage premiere as GROTTO 1 at Wik Folkhögskola (butoh and musical solo) and at
Klinik Blå, Stockholm (music with Sören Runolf).
Interview by Magnus Haglund, GT.
Organizer of “Midvintersoaré med kött” (Mid Winter Evening With Meat) at Galleri Aguéli, Stockholm, with Carl-Michael Edenborg, where 14 musicians and poets contribute, a.o. Ilmar Laaban, Thomas Mera Gartz, Sören Runolf, Stefan Lakatos and Stefan Larsson.
Oct, 30: De Stora Osynligas Orkester with Ilmar Laaban at Poeternas Estrad, Cornelis-rummet, Mosebacke


Dygn, 24 hours improvisation at Fylkingen (without sleeping).
Cabaret Voltaire, happening/concert with a.o. things onion, dough, kitchen utensils, costumes and toys) at Tellus, Midsommarkransen, with a.o. Carl-Michael Edenborg, Christian Werner, Mattias Forshage and Ilmar Laaban.
Solo concert at FastelebenFestivalen at Månefisken , Oslo with participation of Terje Mentyjærvi. TV-reportage in XIT, tvnorge.
Forming the group Støyorkesteret (The Noise Orchestra) with Terje Mentyjærvi and Harald Beckstrøm &#~211; later changes name to Fretlessarméén (The Fretless Army). All in the trio are musical instrument inventors and improvisors.
Organizes “Stunt (strunt) Styggt (snyggt) Festival (frestelse)” in Moss with music, poetry, sound sculpture, happening, juggling. 15 artists participate in a three hours program with support from Moss City.
Tour with Eventyrteatret, including Ingrid Brudevoll, Jostein Aarbakke and Inger Karin Kristiansen, (Ida Frederiksen instructor), as a musician, actor and light operator in dance/children's theatre show Hans og Grethe, to: Gimlekjelleren and Skarmyra Skole, Moss; Østfold Teaterverksted (Sparebanksalen), Halden; St.Croix, Fredrikstad; Ringerike Steinerskole and Solborg hjem og skole, Ringerike; Steinerskolen Nøtterøy; Steinerskolen, Asker; Samfunnshuset, Gol; Steinerskolen i Drammen; and Biblioteket, Oppegård, Kolbotn. Interview with Radio Østfold. All in all 32 performances at 11 places for 2264 children.
Cooperation with computer composer Hans Einar Nerland about sound samples for him and for me.
Concert and happening with shaving foam and tie in festival by Malin Åberg in Bagdad Kafé, Karlskoga.
Organizing Moss 1st Improvisation Festival, where I play with Arve Henriksen. De Stora Osynligas Orkester changes name to Hittegodsavdelningen (Lost and Found Department) and play there, as well as Markegrevens Segl from Fredrikstad and Jan Wiese.
Hittegodsavdelningen play at Volapük's Vår- og Teaterfestival, Oslo.
Elephant tamer and happening figure in professional jester/street theatre group Stella Polaris tour: 6 performances at a.o. Porsgrunn Internasjonale Teaterfestival, Oslo Middelalderfestival and in Tønsberg.
Participation in the first Intuitiv Musikstævne/DIMC, Denmark's Intuitive Music Conference founded by Johan Toft and Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen, Midtfyn, dk with a.o. Martin Küchen and Intuitive Music groups at Funen and Copenhagen.
The first text about my instruments, Call for the Hidden Sounds, is published in Experimental Musical Instruments, usa. A sample of instruments is also on the cassette From the Pages of EMI # 10.
Solo concert at the opening of the Czech and Slovak Surrealist Group Exhibition in Semily, cz.
Acrobatic Music with Terje Mentyjærvi makes it's debut with a duo of the Stringed Stirrups on the opening of the exhibition Det smaker av fugl, Bomuldsfabrikken, Arendal.
Fretlessarméén at Vertshuset Mossiana, Moss Rockfestival, with guest artists Alastair Laurence (clavichord, juggling) and Jonas Qvale (loops, poetry).
Invited to Ny Musikk-festival in Stavanger, play instead at the same time at Autunnale Festival in Bergen, at Griegakademiet, Grieghallen, Grands selskapslokaler and Galleriet.
Solo concert on Against the Grain, winter festival by London Musicians' Collective, London.
Galleri Aguéli, Stockholm, Horror Vacui (Hittegodsavdelningen reduced into a trio, including Martin Küchen and Christian Werner), Stefan Larsson, Sören Runolf and Christian Munthe.
Participated in Amit Sen's C at Fylkingen, with 15 other improvisors.
Solo at Tredje Juledag-salong, Fredrikstad, where I am also guest singer in Amarcord (formerly Markegrevens Segl) including Jon Øystein Flink, Bendik Hagerup and Håkon Stene.

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