Born in Stockholm, six days after the Kennedy assassination. Mother Birgitta tv-producer of documentaries, background as boogie-woogie pianist, gymnastics director, Fil Lic in criminology etc, radio journalist, father Torsten painter, writer and art critic in Dagens Nyheter, later professor at Konsthögskolan. Both active communists and atheists.

1970's (school time)

Piano lessons in Kommunala Musikskolan, only sheet music but alternating classical pieces with jazz. Training swim jumping and gymnastics in Hammarbygymnasterna. My own paleontological home museum with multi-media tableaux vivantes, writes stories, plays, paints, makes sculptures and 8mm film with Caspar von Vegesack and starts to secretly write own compositions from the age around ten. Trying to form a group with friends from kindergarten and school Caspar, Pelle Ennerling, Mats Eriksson and my sister Emma.
Active in Kommunistisk Ungdom, Elevorganisationen, Folkkampanjen mot kärnkraft.
1977 child extra as an actor in Margareta Garpe's Häxorna - Bränn dem!, Klarateatern, Stockholm.

1980-82 (gymnasium time, natural sciences at Norra Latin)

Concerts with KUB (including Love Rambro (later Ekenberg)) at Kulturföreningen Puss, Farsta, and the nuclear power referendum meeting 1982, etc.
School amateur theater.
Guest musician on the cassette recording of Perpetuum Brunke Band (with Fredrik Odhammar, Ulf Sirborn, Åke Hallstedt, Ivar Hallstedt, Åsa Nilsson).
Another group including Fredrik Odhammar, Love Rambro, Ola Lundström and Johanna Frithiof playing dance music at parties, although having higher ambitions, sometimes playing my jazz/rock compositions.
Active in Socialistiska Förbundet, solidarity groups for the guerilla in El Salvador, Bennyföreningen and Revolutionära Socialister. Writing political articles. 1982 composes Ricercare for octet which is (lousily) performed during the last year of school.


Starting to make around 20 electronic and text-sound compositions at EMS, music for a slide show by Eva “Lotta” Damstedt, a.o.
Working as a postman, studying one year musicology at Stockholm University.


Lived in Lund and Malmö.
Studying philosophy at Lund University, working as a postman and extra music teacher.
Makes local radio programs at Radio Småland with plays, e.g. an interview with “neo-brutalism founder Johnny Bulldozer”.
Another unsuccessful attempt at forming a jazz-rock group.
Playing on the streets with Anders Hagdahl.
Discovers surrealism and Cecil Taylor.

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