More contents that might at some point be expected are: more pictures, films, sounds and texts:

    BE/AE language flag Texts and translations in english:
  • Fylkingen and the avant-garde situation in scandinavia
  • Bergmark/David Bremer schlagerfestival; trio with Bremer and Johan Lindvall (film clips to be edited end embedded somewhere)
  • Some unusual entrances into musical instrument acoustics.
  • Nicolas Collins: Hardware Hacking 2010 (about his book+dvd)
  • Art, Politics and Money, 2000.
  • Abolish the rich!, 2000.
  • Played By My Instruments; the unabridged version, 1997.
  • (More) about the instruments (with photos): The Condom-Zither; The Rainstick; The Clavichords; The Double Trumpet; The Stranded Whale (photos missing), Platforms, Available Resources and the sound performance Het glass / Hot Glass 2012.
  • Crime and Wildness; The personality market and the modern revolt, 1989, with newer commentaries.
  • About my sound poetry.
  • Interview with Joëlle Léandre ca 1996 sound
  • Interview with François Bayle ca 1996 sound
  • Interview with Bob Carroll of The Skeptic's Dictionary 2009 sound
  • Online debates about acupuncture, homeopathy, science and “alternative medicine” 2010-11
  • No press voices?
  • More old translations of surrealist texts from archives, e.g. ELEMENTS IN A SURREALIST ART OF COOKING (1987), published in The Surrealist Cookbook, Patricide Five
  • Updates: Rising Towards the Light, Acrobatic Performance 2011 (film edit to be done); Manual Manipulation of Acoustic Feedback for Teapots, Bowls, Buckets and other Packaging 2011 (film edit to be done); Sitemap (more detailed), Cv (mostly older years, and better display), Why I hate blogs (revised opinions), Mubil (the rest of the tour, interview, conclusion), Text-Sound, Cousins, Workshops I've done (more old pictures), Discography (new invitations and better display), Films and photos (family photos, this and that), Tips (updated podcasts)
  • Pictures of my sculptures, exhibitions and drawings
    Texter och översättningar på svenska:
  • Om ingenting (Döden finns inte.)
  • Intervju med Bob Carroll från The Skeptic's Dictionary, för Folkvett, organ för föreningen Vetenskap och Folkbildning. 2009
  • Några ovanliga ingångar till musikinstrumentakustik
  • Fler ljuddikter
  • Surrealistgruppen ett år efter kravallerna (utkast till uttalande från surrealistgruppen 2002).
  • Intervju med Lars-Göran Ulander, saxofonist. ca 1987 sound
  • Fler gamla surrealisttexter ur arkiven, t.ex. “ELEMENT I EN SURREALISTISK KOKKONST” (1987)
  • Diverse radiointervjuer ur arkiven sound
  • Uppdateringar: Mubil (tillägg av resten av turnén, intervju, avslutning), Nordiska Instrumentuppfinnare (länkar, bilder)

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