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Play Communist from Outer Space (with recorded alien), mp3 stereo version without video

Communist from Outer Space

for two channels tape, micro moog, voice and live extra-terrestrial, 9.40.

First performed during the concert ”VALBAR med STUDIO 4:S MÄN OCH HANNA”, Fylkingen, election day, Sunday the 20th of September, 1998.

[Communist from Outer Space]
The imprisoned Communist from Outer Space talking to us president Eisenhower.
During the worst days of the cold war with anti-communist scare, a piecefully minded alien is crasch-landing in the world's richest country. Instead of getting any help, he is imprisoned by the American military, who also keep his existance secret to the public. They torment him with questions aiming to strengthen the swetting ecenomy and the repressive machinery of the usa. Not surprising, he ignores their talk! When he realizes their singel-mindedness, he tries to soften them with some information in the hope of being released. He also tries to inform them about their conception of society being narrow-minded and unpractical by giving examples from his own life. (Maybe he is also exaggerating a bit to provoke them.) But instead of thanking him they put a lid on these "utopias" that are so reminding of the communist talk they have been taught to punish. He remains imprisoned and kept secret and the American state once again displays its racist and falsely "democratic" face.
[Communist from Outer Space]
Today that it's the election, have you seen the stickers reminding us that we can make our voice heard about 14 times in our lives, or the poster "Finn Fem Fel" (Find Five Wrongs) on arbitrarily chosen election posters, remember that power is not only in the parliament, the national parliament. There are other ways in which our lives, and those of the politicians, are directed. How could people see themselves if the borders of the nations disappeared? What would people choose to do if they didn't have to earn money? What would people find out if they weren't enslaved by technology but instead liberated by it? How would we relate to each other if we didn't have hierarchic positions or other privileges to win? What would happen if thought was leading instead of duty and force?

It's easy for us to let an alien say such things, but more difficult to say it yourself. Have you tried?

In this case, I got a blank video tape from my mother to copy something. Later, I discovered my little sister had recorded a tv-program about extraterrestrials visiting Earth. In this, there was an account of an alien vehicle that had crashlanded in the usa. I was stunned by the Alien's description of his society which was so close to early utopan socialists and marxist descriptions of a future communist society, and even suggested surrealist notions of the "dictation of thought". I recorded the account from the tape to make a piece from it, took some of the most interesting phrases and repeated them 3 times in the beginning and in the end, and also had some "spacey" Buchla sounds on it. In the live version the Alien comes in (me dressed in a home-made alien suit), screams out his despair and playing intense Micro Moog. The video clip is also shown.

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