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[Cloudchamber in concert]
Cloudchamber in concert december '02. Bergmark, Runolf, Küchen. Photo © Fylkingen.
[The Wilson Cloudchamber]
The Wilson Cloudchamber.

The Swedish group Cloudchamber has existed since 1998, but the members had earlier been collaborating some years in different projects.

The main agent in Cloudchamber's music is the collective sound. Compared to much other improvised music, the soloistic is put in the background. In spite of the widely differing personalities and timbral characters, every musician is acting as a part of Cloudchamber through his special character without any predetermined hierarchy or place in the sound image.

Cloudchamber's members are:

When Cloudchamber was formed, Christian Werner (violin, voice etc) was also a member. It was then an expansion of Horror Vacui which formed in '92 and consisted of Bergmark, Küchen and Werner.

[SAFARIS] The cd SAFARIS is available from Fylkingen Records.
Review on Sonoloco.

The piece "Bianca", a sample of the quartet version of Cloudchamber,
is out on SOUNDS -99, Blue Tower Records.


[Jocke, the coockatoo]
Jocke, the parrot, at a Cloudchamber concert in 2002.
Performances of CLOUDCHAMBER alone, at Aguéli Gallery, Anagram records, Fylkingen, Stockholm.
Tour in England (Mopomoso/Red Rose Theatre; Bonnington, London; Bluecoat Arts Centre (Frakture), Liverpool) june -02.
FYLKINGEN, 19th of December '03 (Küchen absent because of illness).

Notable performances in collaborations:
OSLO IMPRO, April '97 with Mats Lindström, Jindrich Biskup, Martin Klapper.
Eventa 4 Antivernissage Material Music - Nature's Consciousness, Ekeby Qvarn Artspace, Uppsala '98 with Hans Isgren, Amit Sen, Anders Elsås (no), C.O.Caspar (de), Martin Janícek (cz).
Tony Bevan (uk) meets Cloudchamber, Fylkingen, Stockholm, August -99.
The Frim Festival - Sounds -99 at Fylkingen, October -99.
Guests in the Cloudchamber, Fylkingen, with butoh dancers Alexandra Kronqvist and Line Berg; Martin Thulin (analog live film manipulations), Stockholm, September -00.
Byxor i Moln (Trousers in Clouds), Fylkingen, with improvising dancers Katarina Eriksson, Per Sacklén, Helena Franzén, Gunilla Heilborn, Ossi Niskala, Åsa N. Åström, Elina Lehto, March -01.
Cloudchamber & the Bohman Brothers, Fylkingen and Panora (Malmö), with Adam and Jonathan Bohman (UK), October -01.
Cloudchamber & Fredrik Olofsson (visuals), Fylkingen, June -02.
Release party for the CD SAFARIS at Fylkingen, Stockholm, with guest parrot Jocke and cello player Nikos Veliotis (Gr) September -02.
TEXTLJUDDANSIMPROVISATION. three hours improvisation with dance group Räserbyrån (Katarina Eriksson, Håkan Maier and Per Sacklén) and Pär Thörn (text) at Fylkingen, Stockholm, May 2004.

Other collaborations as a group: Sweden: Christian Munthe; butoh dancer Susanna Åkerlund (SU-EN). Norway: Jon Øystein Flink, Bendik Hagerup, Risto Holopainen, Håkon Stene. Germany: butoh dancer Gregor Weber. Holland: dancers Frank Van De Ven, Rolf Meesters.

[Jocke, the coockatoo with Runolf]
Jocke with Runolf.

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