Poster for the clavichord concert by Arne Forsén 2013

The Clavichords.

I built an 18th centure style clavichord under the direction of Hans-Erik Svensson at the Marholmen courses around 1992, and with a support from the grant fund for musical instrument technicians of the Royal Swedish Music Academy (Kungliga Musikaliska Akademien)., and a small medival-style bound clavichord under the guidance of my teacher Odd Aanstad, when I studied to a piano and cembalo builder at Musikk Instrument Akademiet in Moss, norway (since then closed down and restarted in Sarpsborg). I never played them in public but treasured them at home as the wonderful instruments they are. When I changed apartment 2011, I decided to deposit them with musicians that were interested in using them. The small one was deposited with composer and musician Eva Sidén; the big one with composer/musician Arne Forsén. When Arne moved in 2017, the instruments swapped places. For the moment, the big one looks for a new host.
In 2013, I was very happy and prowd that Arne premiered the large clavichord in a concert at Rosenhill Trädgård, Café och Musteri in Ekerö outside Stockholm. The poster, with a portrait of the instrument, can be seen to the left. He played music by J S Bach, Gesualdo da Venosa, Ulf Åkerhielm a.o. His description for the concert will do fine for me:
The clavichord is perhaps an unknown instrument for most people, you could describe it as a precursor to the harpsichord. From the 14th to the early 19th centuries, it was mostly used as an instrument in the homes and as a practice instrument for organ players a.o. It has a delicate, small sound and is extremely soft, which demands a special concert situation. The rebuilt furnace at Rosenhill has the perfect conditions in order to create the intimate atmosphere that is needed.
Below, you see another poster for a concert 2014.

Clavichord concert poster Rosenhill 2014

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