Foto3737 “Market” at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Sal D: concert and workshop for all ages ”The brunch is ready at UKK. Music, art, play and fun activities for small and big people are served to it. A relaxed Saturday leisure where stomach, heart and brain get theirs.”
Pictures of the setup to the right.

Master class lecture, Department of Instrument Building, Conservatorium Gent / School of Arts Gent, be: “From the backyards of musical instrument acoustics – some unusual examples” + Presentation of my own work + discussion

Foto4098 Tall Ships Race, ”Jollyparken” (Järnvägsparken), Halmstad: open musical instrument inventing/building workshop for children and families. Welcome to be inspired by unusual instruments and build something! Thanks to Kajsa Bacos and Ole Sand at Kulturverket for organizing, in collaboration with Kulturförvaltningen.
Pictures of the filled rental car, the setup and some interaction with children to the right.

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Updated the 11th of July, 2017.