Kalv på resa (the Kalv Festival on tour), with Duo Gelland and Elsbeth Bergh, April 13-17, 2015 in Sjuhäradsbygden, sweden.
I had a number of musical instrument inventing and -building workshops with children of different ages and origins, and, together with Duo Gelland, composition workshops usually ending up in concerts together. The Gellands usually let the children paint to the music they played – and then used their paintings as graphic scores for improvisations.

Mo 13th: am Mårdaklev: Mårdaklevs skola (with pupils from Östra Frölunda skola)
Tu 14th: Ulricehamn: Vistaholms föräldrakooperativ; Kulturskolan Ulricehamn; Evening concert at Folkets hus Ulricehamn
We 15th: Tranemo: Tranemo kulturskola: Evening concert at Glasets Hus Limmared
Th 16th: Mark: Fritslaskolan
Fr 17th: Borås: Borås Konstmuseum (Kulturhuset); Lunch concert in the museum; Kulturskolan

We concluded the tour in August with:
Fr 14th, 10.00: Skolan, Kalv: Workshop with pupils from Mårdaklev, Ö Frölunda, a.o.
Fr 14th, 16.00: Skolan, Kalv: Concert with children
Sa 15th, 11.00: Skolan, Kalv: Concert
Sa 15th, 16.00: Rydals museum: Concert with children

Above to the right: 77 pictures including one newspaper clip from the tour, the workshops and concerts on instruments developed during the tour by the participants. Photos © by Johannes Bergmark, five of them by Max Käck, four by Martin Gelland, two by Mats O Hansson and one from Borås Tidning, photographed by Elsbeth Bergh, from my Flickr set.

Above: clips from Mårdaklevs skola, filmed by Elsbeth Bergh.

Above: clips from Glasets Hus, filmed by Elsbeth Bergh.

Above: clip from the workshop at Kalvfestivalen, filmed by Martin Gelland.

From radio P4 Sjuhärad: ”När Kalv(festival)en tystnar” (Pictures, text and the film above as well).

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