27-28 of March, 2015, Resonans @ New Directions Festival, Piteå, sweden.

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Open Stage, Piteå Conservatory
Workshop in collaboration with Kluster and Norrbotten Improvisers' Orchestra.

Black Box, Studio Acusticum, Piteå
Concert with Bergmark–Klapper duo (Adam Bohman was unavailable unfortunately) and an ensemble formed during the above workshop.

Norrbotten Improvisers' Orchestra:
Erika Bengtsson - voice, recorder, miscellaneous sound objects
Pontus Bertling – ukulele
Gustaf Blix - piano, soprano saxophone
Björn Eriksson (Miulew) - cigar boxes, miscellaneous sound objects, Benjolin
Per Garpebring - modular synth and miscellaneous electronics
Jörgen Häll - electronics
Anders Lundkvist - prepared string instruments, percussion, miscellaneous sound objects
Kristoffer Morhed - piano
Molly Påhlsson - flutes
Margit Schiött - electronics
Daniel Schwartz- miscellaneous sound objects, a.o. a metal bucket with contact microphones, electronics
Björn Sikström - electronics

First concert ever by Norrbotten Improvisers Orchestra (feat Bergmark-Klapper Duo) , New Directions Festival, Piteå. Photo: Patrik Häggqvist, Norrbottens-Kuriren.

Posted by Norrbotten Improvisers Orchestra on April 2nd, 2015

Norrbotten Improvisers Orchestra feat Bergmark-Klapper Duo live@New Directions Festival, Studio Acusticum, Piteå Mar 28 2015

Posted by Norrbotten Improvisers Orchestra on April 2nd, 2015

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