Concert and lecture for children on a birthday party, mostly about the didjeridoo, Arbetslivscentrum (later Arbetslivsinstitutet, later closed down), ca '90.

Hans og Grethe setting up Tours in norway and finland as actor, musician and composer with children's theatre group Eventyrteatret '95 - '04.
First tour, including Ingrid Brudevoll, Jostein Aarbakke and Inger Karin Kristiansen, with Ida Frederiksen as an instructor, as a musician, actor and light operator in dance/children's theatre show Hans og Grethe, to: Gimlekjelleren and Skarmyra Skole, Moss; Østfold Teaterverksted (Sparebanksalen), Halden; St.Croix, Fredrikstad; Ringerike Steinerskole and Solborg hjem og skole, Ringerike; Steinerskolen Nøtterøy; Steinerskolen, Asker; Samfunnshuset, Gol; Steinerskolen i Drammen; and Biblioteket, Oppegård, Kolbotn. Interview with Radio Østfold. All in all 32 performances at 11 places for 2264 children.

Setting up for a performance of Hans og Grethe. Left to right: Ingrid Brudevoll, Jostein Aarbakke, Johannes Bergmark.

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