[The Brillolin played against a table]
Played against a table.
The Brillolin (as would norwegian or german readers understand) is made of spectacle frames, with no glass lenses in them. They are put on the nose and fastened with a strap around the neck. Through them go two guitar strings to a tiny miniature violin with a built-in contact microphone. On the violin, there are protruding pieces of piano wire and two wooden tongues, all contributing to the noise-making range this instrument has, usually with a bow.
Above: 19 photos from my flickr set.
[The Brillolin played in the air]
Played in the air.
[The Brillolin played (Athens)]
MikroMousikoTheatro/SmallMusicTheatre (improv club 2:13) Athens 2003.
[The Brillolin played (Liverpool)]
Bluecoat Arts Centre (Frakture) Liverpool. Photo © Phil Morton

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