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The Bergmark Nonet

First performance as a septet at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, England, 22nd of November 2000 on the EAM-class exchange concert.

What I mostly do, in musical terms, is to play in improvised groups on a number of different instruments, many of them my own constructions. Of course, I usually only play one instrument at a time. I have been curious about what a group playing all my favourite instruments would sound like. This is an attempt to do that. The virtual "Bergmark Nonet" consists of eight recorded and one live musician playing:
1. The Micro Moog analog synthesizer modified with radios, voice, feedback and a fuzz box.
2. The Blowfish - a construction of toy wind instruments and other wind sound tools - and voice.
3. The Finger Violin, a contact-mike-amplified instrument where the strings are attached on the finger tips, without fingering board.
4. A Sandviken Stradivarius musical saw and Pikaterä Speliplari (Playblade).
5. The Metal Harp which consists of triangular metal sheet around a tube.
6. The Clavinet, partly played directly on the strings.
7. The Whalefish, an amplified "one-man-band"-type construction played with different tools.
8. The Micro Moog, another take.
9. The Whalefish played live.

Review on Sonoloco.

Updated the 16th of July 2009.