Circus Music??? — Music Cirkus???

Air Sensation!

Vertical tightrope walking in a crossbreed between violin and trapeze!

Floating frog-eyed exploration.

Spiders in their webs with music as the lure — who knows what they will catch?

Navel-strings from the sky, the puppets of the gods.

The strange song of the saws, which makes the air sing.


[Acrobatic Music]

Acrobatic Music

was formed in 1995 in Moss, Norway, with Johannes Bergmark from Stockholm, Sweden and Terje Mentyjærvi from Kirkenes, Norway. The musicians met through their education as instrument builders at the Musical Instrument Academy in Moss. From different backgrounds they have met out of curiosity and a desire to play, to create a multi-instrumental and scenic improvisational music with a jester's attitude. They explore new materials' possibilities and create their own unusual instruments, but also play a duet for saws.

They create beautiful, fantastic and comical stage events. Many of their numbers can be described as happening or jest, where anything can happen — partly improvised gags where unexpected objects are treated as if they were musical instruments, slapstick tricks are varied with acrobatic involvement in the instruments.

Some examples: The tie concert, classical slapstick-comedy with new turns. A concert for two bow instruments in three movements: 1: Andante maestoso, 2: Adagio romantico (as romantic and emotional as bow instrument music can be), 3: Prestissimo energico (the musicians press their instruments far above the limit of allowance, with big danger for audience and furniture).

Duo with the Stringed Stirrups: this instrument is made of stirrups, hanging from the ceiling in piano strings. The musicians stand in these stirrups, hanging in the air, with a soundboard on their chest, which the strings go through. The strings are free for bowing and beating with skin-covered blocks. The floating, long-ringing, thundering bass tones and intense, whistling overtones are as fascinating as the impossible sight of this musical circus number. We play with protective goggles, which might be unnecessary, but we like the astronaut- or frogman-like appearance. This act has performed in the Stella Polaris play Tundals Visjon and is sometimes part of Jaga Jazzist.

Acrobatic Music has plans to make new body-involving instruments and video projects.

A performance can be tailored for special occasions and locals.


We say ourselves:

"The young artists stand for the absolute peak of the evening, with a fantastic melange-act. They combine magnificent body control with excitement, originality and elegance. The point of departure for this unbelievable air number is musicality combined with body control and urge for exploration."

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