[With Andrzej Zaleski at Musica Genera, Szczecin 2003.]
With Andrzej Zaleski and John Hegre at Teatr Kana, Musica Genera festival, Szczecin, poland 2003.
The Moog I began to play in the 80's when it was more out than ever. At the time I was inspired by Chick Corea and jazz rock. After I got other interests, the Micro Moog was really getting to be an exciting instrument, often combined with radios that it treats.
Later, I combined it with a distortion box, mixer feedback, "virtual analog" modular synthesizers (Clavia micro modulars) and other inputs from voice and instruments.
[With micro modulars at
With Torbjörn Bellind and micro modulars at "mongoliet-fest", Fylkingen 2004.
[Playing the Micro Moog (Liverpool)]
At Fylkingen September the 12th (sic!) 2001. Photo © Phil Morton.

by Fågelpingis 2004.

Instruments I play in this film: The Whalefish, The Finger Violin, The Clown Trumpet, balloon, voice, Micro Modulars, The Blowfish, The Metal Harp, percussion. (Note that the contact- and web addresses are outdated in the film!)

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