Discography (53 to date, January 7th, 2015), chronological order:

Perpetuum Brunke Band, guest musician (electric piano, clavinet) on the songs Turkisk konfekt and Morgon på Rödlöga on a cassette, with Fredrik Odhammar drums; Ulf Sirborn (violin, guitar); Åke Hallstedt bass; Ivar Hallstedt guitar; Åsa Nilsson vocal on some songs, 1981.

Winged Tongues, cassette cover, outside, english Winged Tongues, cassette cover, inside, english

Bevingade Tungor, cassette cover, outside, swedish Bevingade Tungor, cassette cover, inside, swedish Winged Tongues / Bevingade tungor – surrealistisk uppvigling with Christian Werner, Carl-Michael Strömberg (=Edenborg), Mattias Forshage, Anna Westman, Hal Rammel, Gina Litherland, Russell Thorne, Bruno Jacobs, Petra Mandal, Tomas Werner, Oscar II (budgie). Surrealistförlaget Stockholm 1988.

Winged Tongues, cassette cover, inside, english Bevingade Tungor, cassette cover, inside, swedish

[Violin Music for Restaurants] Violin Music for Restaurants by Jon Rose, Featuring the legendary Jo "Doc" Rosenberg

RéR BJRCD USA 1987. I made the cover photo in Chicago 1986 (uncredited, but it's ok).

The text reads "Sexy! Sassy! Excitement! Romance! Hot! Hot! Hot! Great Food! Dance!"

Where Saws Sing and Fiddles Bloom - Där sågar sjunga och felor blomma, inlay

Where Saws Sing and Fiddles Bloom - Där sågar sjunga och felor blomma

Saws, percussion, gopychands, instruments made by Hal Rammel, with Hal Rammel. Surrealistförlaget/Cloud Eight Audio Chicago 1990.

[Rammel and Bergmark with saws]

Rammel and Bergmark 1990 or 1996?. Photo © by Gina Litherland.

Where Saws Sing and Fiddles Bloom - Där sågar sjunga och felor blomma, cassette cover

Sistrum, cassette cover


solo piano, voice. Surrealistförlaget 1990. Out of print.

The Great Invisible Duo, cassette cover

The Great Invisible Duo

piano, didjeridoo, percussion, saw, with percussionist Thomas Magee (Mission Hills, California)

Surrealistförlaget 1990.

[Bergmark & Magee] [Bergmark & Magee] Magee and Bergmark, Landers, CA 2006
JB and TM in Los Angeles '90 and '05; TM and JB in Landers, CA '06.

De Stora Osynligas Orkester, cassette cover, inside

Recording of “BRAC trio” with Hal Rammel and Gene Coleman at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, released on the cd magazine The Aerial.

De Stora Osynligas Orkester

with Johannes Bergmark, Carl-Michael Edenborg, Galina Gornostajeva, Martin Küchen, Daniel Scott and Christian Werner.

Self-produced 1993. Out of print.

Stork Music In Flight Stork Music In Flight

Stork Music In Flight vol 1

With Hal Rammel.

Sample cassette.

New York 1993.

Muwakkals, cassette cover

Muwakkals – Varelser föds då materien rör sig

(Beings Are Born As Matter Moves)

A variety of musical instruments and mixes.

Surrealistförlaget 1993.

Out of print.

From The Pages Of Experimental Musical Instruments vol 10 (sample cassette) Nicasio, California 1995. Unfortunatley sold out according to EMI.

Fretlessarméén with Terje Mentyjærvi and Harald Beckstrøm, Moss, Norway 1996. Out of print. [Fretlessarméén, Kafé Halina]
Fretlessarméén på Kafé Halina, Moss, Norge.

Horror Vacui with Christian Werner and Martin Küchen Stockholm 1996. Out of print.

Birmingham Improv Festival Recordings 96, (TransMuseq Records TQ20014, cd 1997). Compilation of the BirminghamImprov Festival 96. Includes work by Davey Williams, LaDonna Smith, Yuri Zmorovitch, Boris Rayskin, Craig Hultgren, Johannes Bergmark, Arkady Kirochenko, Contra Contra Bass, The Gold Sparkle Band, Atlanta Comprovisors and others. [B'ham improv]
Material Music, cd cover

Johannes Bergmark's Material Music, solo, mostly live recordings of a variety of instruments, self-produced 1998. Out of print.

Skræp Experimental Music Forum Cd #3 SKRÆPCD01 with Jindřich Biskup (DK/CZ) and Martin Klapper (DK/CZ) (Copenhagen 1998). [Skraep #3]

Cd-rom by Åsa Harvard: På jakt efter den icke-linjära formen, Konstfack, Stockholm 1999. Original music made on a typewriter.

The piece "Bianca", a sample of the quartet version of Cloudchamber, and the piece "Bromsmedalj (coda)" with Andreas Hedwall and Leo Svensson, is out on SOUNDS -99 BTCD09/10/11 Blue Tower Records I am also playing in four big group pieces, and I have this text in the sleeve notes. [Sounds -99]

Last Moments !
with Jindřich Biskup (DK/CZ) and Martin Klapper (DK/CZ) (Multiple Living cd Praha/København/Stockholm). Typographic design: Klapper. Recording: Sören Runolf.

Track Names:
It Was Supposed to Be
Don't Ever Let Them In!
News from the Sewer
Ramona the Cyclops
Flu Caught Me by Mistake
Runny Honey
It's Over Skinny!

Released the 9/9 1999. Limited edition 99 numbered copies. Sold out.
Review by Eugene Chadbourne. [Link updated 2012-10-03.]

[Last Moments !]

Johannes Bergmark Works 1998-2001
cd 2001 featuring some of Bergmark's instruments, mixed pieces and some sound poems. Out of print.
Sound samples on the gallery pages!

Sound Art ISBN 91-85470-83-X Infogram 045/1, a collaborative book and 2 cd project in cooperation with STIM/Svensk Musik, released October 2001. Feature with pictures, text and sounds. Main text by Teddy Hultberg. (Rumour says it now exists in dvd form - but it doesn't seem to be listed on Svensk Musik?) [Sound Art]

"Katarina's Soviet Experiences"
Text-sound-composition, 18:00, described and heard here, commissioned by the author Maria Zennström, I made music and, in close collaboration with her, sound editing of her selected readings from her debut book with the same name, in 2001. This is released on Bonnier Audio together with three other debutants, "4 NYA" IFCD22 ISBN 91-7953-089-3 2001, as well as on a cd with a film based on the same book.

See a web film version by Per Zennström on his blog!
[Katarinas Soviet Experiences]

The piece Wet Dream (01:30) (commissioned for a collection of sound pornography, the concept dreamt up and recorded at EMS) on Metronome magazine No. 7 the bastard, London 2002

Virvar-Rivrav, cd cover Virvar-Rivrav, cd cover

¡Virvar/Rivrav! International Festival 2002 Souvenir cd
Butterflied Lamb Records LAM-000. Compilation from the participants of the festival. Out of print.

Virvar-Rivrav, cd label

The piece Saw Octet described and heard here in a re-mastered stereo version on the cd Eight Times Falling EM1004 on Elektron with the other graduates from the Composition class 2000 at EMS, 2002: Niklas Peterson, Daniel T Eideholm, Jan Liljekvist, Bo Halén, Lennart Westman , Paul Savage, Mikael Konttinen.

More info on Elektron Records.

Review on Sonoloco.

[Eight Times Falling]

The piece Little Mess Mohfat has a text by Luis d'Antin Van Rooten (1906-1973) in French, which is read by me for the cd by Lukas Simonis and Pierre Bastien Mots d'Heures: Gousses, Rames (read the very interesting story behind the project!), InPolysons IPS0402, 2002. [Mots d'Heures: Gousses, Rames]

Eine kleine Eierschneidermusik (Eggslicer Quintet), a piece with Hugh Davies, Martin Klapper, Mats Lindström and Adam Bohman, on a cd FMRCD104-0402 by Hugh Davies, released 2002, accompanying his book Sounds Heard, Soundworld Publishers, 10 Baddow Road, Chelmsford CM2 ODG, Great Britain. Description on page 52-54. Can be ordered from FMR Records.

I recommend this essay about Hugh Davies by Hal Rammel, where this book and recording is also mentioned.

[Sounds Heard]

Psst ... shsh!, One ringtone on the joint Touch & Ash International project: Ringtones
TONE14, CD in digipac [99 tracks]
Editors: JP Wozencroft & MSCHarding 2002.


Cloudchamber: Safaris FYCD1020 released on Fylkingen Records in June 2002.
Johannes Bergmark - constructions (whalefish, finger violin, blowfish, metal harp), analog and modular synthesizers, clavinet, voice, saw, unspecified objects
Martin Küchen - soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, metal barrel, sandwich grill, miscellaneous percussive junk, bow, guitar, trumpet, voice
Sören Runolf - electric guitar, amplified objects, electronic processors, virtual modular synthesizer, cello

1. A Homely Safari
2. The Molly Hotwall Adventures
3. People's Safari of America
4. On a Tranquillizing Safari
5. Holes Through Holes
6. Half-Leopards and Semi-Turtles
7. Holy and Blind

Duration 72:13

Review on Sonoloco
The cd was nominated as "the best jazz [sic!] record of the year 2003" in Orkesterjournalen, jazz magazine in Sweden.

From the Coffin, One piece described and heard in its full version here (with sound) on the Ash International double CD: KREV X MM11
Editors: JP Wozencroft & MSCHarding, England 2002.

Bergmark & Klapper : 58 Tracks From A Common Orbit mg005
Johannes Bergmark (right): Finger Violin, voice, micro moog, harmonium, clavinet, Blowfish, objects, junk, Whalefish, gopychand, khamak, fuzz box, toys, Brillolin, arm trainer, radios, Veloncell Marcel, antique corn grinder + dissection
Martin Klapper (DK/CZ) (left): amplified objects, toys, tapes, Casio SK-5, polystyrene, glass, water + assemblage
Recorded by Johannes Bergmark and Sören Runolf in 2000 at Fylkingen, Stockholm (piece no. 1-43) and Artcinema OFF-OFF, Copenhagen (piece no. 44-58).
Edited by Johannes Bergmark.
Cover art by Martin Klapper.
All tracks by Johannes Bergmark (STIM) & Martin Klapper (KODA).
We suggest random playing of this CD.
Released by musica genera, pl, May 2003.

Mp3s of five pieces, and some reviews here.

Review by Eugene Chadbourne. [Link seems expired, trying to find a working one...]
Review by The Improvisor.

[58 tracks from a common orbit]

VHS video: Johannes Bergmark: Musical Performance, Instrument Inventions, Sound Sculptures and Sound Poetry.
59 minutes, homemade, 2003, out of print. Most of the pieces can be found embedded on the musical instrument gallery pages, or on my Johannes Bergmark appearances vimeo- and youtube youtube channels.

Kalvdans, by Fågelpingis NP01, Nipstvångsministeriet 2004.

KALVDANS!/CALF DANCE! by Fågelpingis (on Soundcloud)

[Kalvdans cd cover]

[Fågelpingis and death]
Fågelpingis (Jacob Ullberger - Tomas Halling - JB) talk about that you have to be BUDDIES with death ...
Jag vill ha barnbarn! NP02, Nipstvångsministeriet 2004, film by Fågelpingis on dvd and vhs with hand-made individual covers.

Can now be seen in full quality here!

[Fågelpingis brass instruments]
... from the film Jag vill ha barnbarn! (I Want Grandchildren!)

GLO A4 cd baksida The piece "Love" on the compilation cd "Great Learning Orchestra A4 pieces" Mono 001, MonotypeRec, GLO, Stockholm 2004.

[GO-TO-CAT-MAN-DO] The piece "Eh-Ah" on the compilation cd "GO-TO-CAT-MAN-DO" Mono 001, MonotypeRec, Warszawa, Poland 2005, a medley of variations on the theme of occasional songs of Nepal. Other contributions are:
Wolfram - T
Za Siódmą Górą - Nepalaia
One Inch of Shadow - Piesn 9
Stworywodne.Jaszczury - Untitled
Patryk Zakrocki - Nepal
Francisco Lopez - Untitled #165
Alexei Borisov - Saunabar Skretch Rmx
Vion & Mem - Kontra
Emiter - Untitled
V/Vm - Untitled
Robert Piotrowicz - At The Body Speech

Mp3 samples of my piece and some others to be heard here.
or heard in full on this clip to the left that someone put out on youtube.

DVD: "Steps", 2005 (sound editing at Notam, Oslo, Norway), a short film made with a colleague.
Première at the π Private Impact festival by OFFicyna in Świnoujście, Szczecin and Berlin. Duration 5'00".
Our feet, filmed from the head, climbing some stairs discovering small sand castles in which some metal pieces are hidden. After a few we meet and build up the angel chimes, light the candles and it starts playing. The piece is inspired from our performance "Knot Dance".

Dvd: "Fish Soup"; music for a short installation film by Kathleen Fox, england.
"The imagery in ‘Fish Soup’ was generated by the random movement of organisms living in mud, an ancient timeless dance, evocative of the primal soup from which all life forms developed.
There is a limitless cyclical element manifested in the flow of imagery which has no specific beginning or end, the video itself set on a continuous loop to enhance the concept of time as infinite." Kathy Fox
The music was made by me, using the Whalefish.
It formed part of the exhibition 'Natural Order: Art, Science and The Clarity of Mud' and at 'The 5th International Symposium for Surrealism' at West Dean in '07. It was also shown at a festival of Surrealism that the Leeds Surrealist Group organized.

Here you can see the film itself (low resolution).
[Fish Soup]
A photo by Kathy Fox of the film while on the computer screen.
[The viewing box]
The viewing box Fox made to house it. The box is covered with rabbit skin fur, and can only be watched one person at a time as a private experience.

Preliminary flyer Freud Museum Kathy Fox

Dvd, the installation film Shards Of Memory by Kathleen Fox, england

for the exhibition The Spaces of the Unconscious at Freud Museum London August - November 2010. Kathy Fox invited me to make music for the film that she displays in the exhibition. Here you can see it in low resolution. and here you can read more about the music for Shards Of Memory and about the exhibition.

Sixty Seconds cd cover Cd: Sixty Interpretations of Sixty Seconds, by Sixty Solo Improvisors, Apprise Records 2010.
A collection of solo improvisations sewn together back-to-back by sixty innovative, forward thinking musicians from all over the World.
The compilation is made by David Sait in Brampton, ON, canada, with the concept “To hear how sixty different improvising musicians would interpret sixty seconds. Execution: I pose the question... How would you interpret sixty seconds through an improvisation? Your Answer would come in the version of a sixty second improvised recording on your instrument.”
My piece is recorded at EMS. I play a Platform (a single one, although I usually have two) with objects. No overdubs, no cuts, no treatments except slight compression.

Other contributors: Linsey Pollak - rubber glove bagpipes (AUTRALIA), Chas Smith - copper box (USA), Rachel Arnold - cello (USA), Fatima Miranda - voice/field recordings (SPAIN), Yuichi Onoue - kaisatsu (JAPAN), Todd Taylor - banjo (USA), Yurko Rafaliuk - tsymbaly (UKRAINE), Jeff Albert - trombone (USA), Laure Chailloux - accordion diatonique (FRANCE), Leon Gruenbaum - samchillian (USA), Leanid Narushevich - electric guitar (REPUBLIC OF BELARUS), Araz Salek - tar (CANADA), John Oswald - alto sax (CANADA), Christine Sehnaoui - alto sax (FRANCE), Susan Alcorn - pedal steel (USA), David Sait - guzheng (CANADA), Pekko Käppi - jouhikko (FINLAND), Andrea Centazzo - gong (USA), Misha Marks -prepared guitar (MEXICO), Joana Sá - piano (PORTUGAL), Martin Grütter - piano (GERMANY), Paul Dunmall - soprano sax (UK), Joe Sorbara - drums/percussion (CANADA), Kyle Bruckmann - oboe (USA), Damon Smith - field recordings/7 string double bass/laptop (USA), Lawrence Casserley - monoharp/breath/signal processor (UK), John Butcher - saxophone controlled feedback & piano resonator (UK), Tom Boram - analog modular synth (USA), Ignatz - guitar/voice/drum (BELGIUM), Helena Espvall - cello/effects (USA), Tim Hodgkinson - clarinet (UK), Beatrix Ward-Fernandez - theramin (UK), Christian Munthe - acoustic guitar (SWEDEN) , Mia Zabelka - violin/effects (AUSTRIA), Rayna Gellert - fiddle (USA), Tobias Tinker - harpsichord (GERMANY), Periklis Tsoukalas - oud (GREECE), Michael Keith - ukulele (CANADA), Szilárd Mezei - viola (SERBIA), Gino Robair - metal/glass/plastic/stone/motors (USA), Joe McPhee - alto sax/voice (USA), Michael Snow - piano (CANADA), Rob Coppard - bones (IRELAND), Philip Gibbs - slide guitar (UK), Aaron Ximm - field recording (broken radio) - USA, Philo Lenglet - prepared acoustic guitar (FRANCE), Carmel Raz - violin (USA), Ben Roberts Eclectiktronik - turntables/cassette decks (SPAIN), Helena Gough - field recording (UK), Leonel Kaplan - trumpet (ARGENTINA), Gerry McGoldrick - shamisen (CANADA), Ronny Krippner - Church Organ (UK), Alessandro Alessandroni - keyboard/whistling (ITALY), Olivia De Prato - violin (USA), Heribert Friedl - chair (AUSTRIA), Robin Hayward - microtonal tuba (GERMANY), Bruno Duplant - contre bass (FRANCE), Mike Smith - hurdy gurdy (UK), Paulo Chagas - oboe (PORTUGAL).

All the info on contributors here., and links to reviews by Musicworks, Signal to Noise, Jazzword, END (-) of WORLD (-) music, Stef's Free Jazz Blog, Spontaneous Combustion Magazine, Wholenote Magazine

More info, and some pieces can be heard here.
Listen and download from CD Baby.
Listen and download from emusic.

suRRism Phonoethics Cover Downloadable/streamable celebration album of suRRism Phonoethics: Peak the Source - 'Volume 1-3' / sPE_0100 2011

I have a piece there called Beware of Aesthetic Ethics with a Micro Moog drone which is influenced by sounds from my Platforms of amplified objects, recorded at SAMI studio in Stockholm 2009. Duration: 7'59. No editing. Listen to it directly here.

CONTRIBUTORS: (ALL APPEARANCES HAVE BEEN SHUFFLED into 3 Volumes) _blank, (D)(B)(H), 10Konekt, Ama, Andrew Howes, Anton Mobin, Apocalyptic Frequency Experience, Ben Presto, Berger Rond, Big Brother on Acid, Bonequi, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Carlos Ramirez, Catalyst Fantasy, Crank Sturgeon, Dada AG, Daniel Jeczalik, Darius Greene, DMAH, Dpress Hill, Dysmal Abyss, Earth Incubator, Ergo Phizmiz, Erick Diego, GoatCuntCult, God Pussy, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Hal McGee, Herr Penschuck, Hopek Quirin, Hyaena Fierling Reich, i AM esper, Ian Linter, Ideosynchronic, Imago Meccano, Inconnu Ictu, ION, Isak Anderssen, J Karl Bogartte & Jaan Patterson, Jack Hertz, Jared Balogh, Jean Montag, Jeff Gburek, Jeremy Gluck & Dave Fuglewicz, Johannes Bergmark, John 3:16, Jonas Ruchenhever, José Carlos Alonso Vazquez, Juan Antonio Nieto, John Clifford Rhody, Justin Lee Brown, K.O.B, Kalendar, Kommissar Hjuler, Kommissar Hjuler & Frau mit Jaan Patterson, Koobaatoo Asparagus, Kristus Kut, Krupnik, Kuuleminen Asiat, LARA a' Cappella, Lauris, Leif Elggren, Lezet, Ludo Mich, Luther Blissett, Lux P0g0, M.Mnomized, Macu, Matthew Sforcina, Mikhail Lezin, Mulinex, Murmurists, Mutant Beatniks, Mutate, Noise Research, noizeDemon, Nutrients, Olelé Brut, Ophir Ilzetzki, Otras Carpeta, Otto von Rhinau, Owl Brain Atlas, Pacific 231, PAS, Patrizia Oliva, Philippe Petit, Qkcofse, Radio Klebnikov, Rafal Iwanski, Ralf Rabendorn, Raymond Dijkstra, Reve Steich, Richard Lainhart, .RR, Runar Magnusson, Rune Martinsen, Sebastian Sighell, Seiei Jack, Sinus Buds, Spidey Agutter, Stalaktos, suRRism, Temple Music, Thamyris Jones & Jaan Patterson, The Curio Sideshow, The Distortion Mirrors, The Hare and The Moon, The Implicit Order, The Importance of Birds, The Noisettes, The Nothing Machine, The Panjandrum Of Quondam, Thee Virginal Brides, Thierry Tillier, Tobias Herzz Hallbauer, ToBo, Travis Johnson, Treillarmee, undRess Béton, Violence and the Sacred, Vladimír Hirsch, Wehwalt, Where Everything Falls Out, William Davison, Ymmv, Yoshihiro Kikuchi, Zacarias Malden, Zilmrah Zreen Toyz.

VFO cd cover imageCover photograph for the cd

Välfärdsorkestern - VFO

on Fylkingen Records 2011.

Patricide 4 book & cd

Patricide 4 (The Sound of Surrealism) Book & CD, 2011.

I contributed to some of the parts in a musical Exquisite Corpse game, as well as made one remix of the participants' contributions, called Zombie Rats On Fire For Fun. Everyone were asked to contribute, the way they percieved it, 30 seconds pieces in the four following categories. Here are my contributions.


And here is my remix, Zombie Rats On Fire For Fun

Hornorkesteret Hornorkesteret "Fjær og Jern" CD Panot (2011) - PANOT CD 002, norway

The CD features collaborations with Johannes Bergmark, Tore Honoré Bøe and Anla Courtis, and a cover of Mari Boines "Gula gula". Concert- and studio recordings from 1999-2008. One of the tracks is from our concert together at Trondheim Kunstmuseum, called "Bergmark's ridge", as a kind of geografical reference.

Unfortunately, (Independent Music From Norway) is closed until further notice, protesting the unreasonable new rates at the norwegian postal service! You can get "Fjær og Jern" from, from, or if you're in Oslo, Tiger and Neseblod record stores.

To this crime we plead guilty, by tt Classwar Karaoke - 0019 Survey.

My part of the compilation:

To this crime we plead guilty.

Duration: 8'49

Instruments: Metal Harp, Platforms for amplified objects, saw.

Recorded at EMS 2012.

Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter, Logo by Jon Seven Participation in

Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter 2012

# 416 (7:13, 6.6 MB, 128 kbps) including Hal McGee, d0x10, Don Cook, Randy Carter, Jay Schleidt, Carrie Sullivan, Julia Mazawa, Gino Robair, Johannes Bergmark


# 486 (8:56, 8.2 MB, 128 kbps) with Hal McGee, Ars Sonor, Don Cook, Ade Bordicott, Ronny Wærnes, Lezet, Vziel Projet, To-Bo, Johannes Bergmark

Syntjuntan! CD Syntjuntan!,

CD, Schhh Records SE3JQ12001

(I am part of Syntkretsen on the recording from Kulturhuset 2011)

The Automatic Confessional

I contributed anonymously, via phone, to one of a number of tapes of voicemail messages on the Automatic Confessional Project initiated by Hal McGee.
Because of the lo-fi quality of the finished product, I can't really tell where my contribution is – probably on one of these compilations. See if you can find it amongst the lo-fi weirdness there!, if you can recognize it from this original that was recorded at EMS at the same time, during live playing in the phone call:

Hal's invitation:

by Hal McGee on Sunday, October 21, 2012 at 8:33am

Call The Automatic Confessional and leave a one minute message of any words and sounds that you want.
Anyone and everyone are invited to participate!
Tell all of your friends!

The messages will be transferred to microcassette and will be published online.

You can leave a message of any sort, of any sounds, or words, or thoughts that you choose, with absolutely no restrictions on content.

State your name in the message if you want people to know who it is and want to be credited for the message.

You may leave a message ANONYMOUSLY, of course.

You can leave as many messages as you want and there are no restrictions on how often you leave a message, but try to show restraint and do not overdo it. The idea is to get as many different people involved as possible.


I will not edit or restrict or censor the messages in any way. I want you to understand the full implications of what this means. I will allow any form of expression, no matter how offensive, objectionable, or tasteless -- this includes hate speech, racism, sexism, ageism, etc. This does not mean that I personally condone or approve of or agree with any content of any of the messages.

The answering machine tapes will be published online and will be available to the public. You are entirely responsible for the content of your messages. Think twice before you leave a message which may be personally embarrassing or compromising to you or someone else or which is slanderous, libelous, inflammatory, or hateful. Once I publish the tapes on the Internet the sounds you make in your message will be able to be heard by anyone forever. I will not remove your message from the tape - do not ask me to do so. You have been warned. Any regrets will be yours -- not mine.

I am looking for a lot of variety in the messages, style-, content-, and mood-wise, a big grab bag audio trash heap collage.

Here are some keywords, suggestions, possibilities and random thoughts about what you could contribute:

lo-fi (duh), tape collage, rants, weird little sound effects, cryptic voice messages, funny, sexy, surreal, paranoid, confessions, word cut-ups, short sermons, speeches and essays, buskers, street musicians, recordings from your answering machine, hate messages, haiku, circuit bent sounds, conspiracy talk, tell the machine your hopes and fears, pranks, jokes, static, buzzing, feedback of various sorts, dream recollections, confess your sins, lo tech electronic sounds, political statements, little poems and stories, just any random thoughts that come to your mind, commentary about the Automatic Confessional project, miniature instrumentals, stream of consciousness, you could make no sound if you wish, fortune cookie fortunes, field recordings as they happen through your cell phone, drug addicts, fistfights, sporting events, insane lunatic ravings, drunken ramblings, conversations, college class lectures, arguments, aphorisms, love-making sounds, sounds of urination and defecation, belching, farting, coughing, sneezing, hiccuping, stomach-rumbling, sounds of children and pets, machine sounds of all sorts, automobile sounds, public transportation sounds, subway, trains, buses, taxis, tunnels, interstate highways, industrial and factory sounds, advertisements, sounds from markets and shops and stores and restaurants and slaughterhouses, political protests, riots, demonstrations, townhall meetings, carnivals, circus, street preachers, drug and weapons deals going down, police raids, emergency and police sirens, telephones ringing, ringtones, alarms, clocks, doorbells, windmills, oil derricks, underpasses, abandoned ruined buildings, haunted houses, UFO sightings, other paranormal phenomena including EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), avatars, ghosts, seances, baptisms, table-tapping, church services, television and radio sounds, talk shows, video game sounds, rainstorms, thunder, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, sounds of war, sounds of death and dying and conception and birth, folk songs, anthems, toys, banjo and guitar picking and strumming, trumpet, flugelhorn, shruti box, harmonium, drums, beating on boxes and metal and found objects, your own little raps and jam sessions, jug-blowing music, kazoos, whistles, harmonicas, flutes, tell me what you think of me, sarcastic remarks, business meetings, conferences, prisons and jails, Hare Krishna chanting, seagulls, tugboats, paddlewheel boats, cruise ships, motorboats, sounds of fishing, clamming, and oystering, hunting sounds, guns, rifle ranges, helicopters, elevators, 78 RPM records, wire recordings, discarded tapes and CDs found on the street, dumpster-diving sounds, sounds of landfills and dumps, sounds from ancient Troy, sounds of surgery, amputations, guillotinings, beheadings, drawing and quartering, torture sounds, sounds of deviant practices, rubber bands, sex toys, the most boring sound ever, the most exciting sound ever, the most annoying sound ever, recite your grocery list, sounds of model trains, sounds of hammers, saws, crowbars, and other tools, crows, owls, birdsongs, cats, dogs, elephants, lions, coyotes, bears, wolves, cockfights, turkey gobbling, pigs grunting, mass suicides, archaeological digs, beer-drinking songs, sea shanties, kung fu fighting, karate chops, samurai swords clanging, graveyard sounds, skulls and bones rattling, interviews with vampires, Goths, Metal Kids, politicians, nursing home residents, street vendors, prophets, mystics, gurus, shamans, etc.

This project is in no way connected or affiliated with the Catholic Church or any other religious or political institution, such as the Masons or the U.S. government.


This is the bumped, renewed, revived version of the Automatic Confessional Project.

The Automatic Confessional was originally created and curated by Hal McGee from August 19, 2009 through March 2, 2010. Anyone and everyone was invited to leave a one minute message of any sounds, content or sort on Hal McGee's microcassette answering machine.

TO BE CLEAR: Unlike the first phase of the project from 2009-1010, this time I am not using a microcassette answering machine to record your messages. You will leave your messages on the voicemail of my cell phone. I will transfer these messages to microcassette via playback through my cell phone's earpiece. Then I will transfer the microcassette tapes to Audacity and then publish a tape online every time that I receive enough messages to fill up a 60 minute tape.
Same basic concept, though!

Automatic Confessional Tape 22

Automatic Confessional Tape 23

Automatic Confessional Tape 24

I recorded a contribution to the IFAR Musique Concrète A Search for a Musique Concrète compilation by Various Artists 2012. My piece is called The Circus Of Unintelligent Life Forms And Intelligent No-life Forms. Instrument is Platform for amplified objects.

Above: The whole compilation.
Left: My piece only.

Cover illustration
My contribution to the Copy Wrong II Compilation, 2013: MUZAKBLOCKER, a shortened version of a piece of anti-music made 2009. More info about the piece: origin, purpose, method, philosophy, politics, film clips, rage, jokes...

Submission Compilation/Various Artists
Jan 2013
Eye Machine Recordings
release #cd010

Submissions collected via email by Captain Missouri july-december 2012.
the guidelines were that the track must contain uncredited samples from copyrighted material of any kind
sound is public property

Blogpost from Captain Missouri.

Sampler on soundcloud.

Cover image by Rafael Gonzalez+Captain Missouri, september 2012.

tracklisting w/ contact info here

The piece Playing with the Bones of the little Bird submitted to Origami republika accents, published 2013.

Freudian Chocolate Box Freudian Chocolate Box Freudian Chocolate Box, cdr with Adam Bohman and Adrian Northover 2013
Freudian Chocolate Box

Classwar Karaoke – 0023 Survey, 2013: comprised of 102 participating acts, with 91 pieces of music / soundart and 23 short-films. My contributions (info pages): Muzakblocker (anti-music); from Fågelpingis: Teaterbråten; The Singing Coffin (video) (Picture will come when I have the time.)

. . . I N . . . P R E P A R A T I O N . . . (more or less)

Cd: Johannes Bergmark: RUST. Fylkingen Records.

Duo with Gino Robair, recorded at Fylkingen 2011, perhaps a cd or 7-inch or 10-inch....for Rastascan.

nisip noaptea, duo with Guido Hübner, recorded at EMS + Normandy 2013, currently searching a label.

SuRRism Phonoethics will publish reissues of Surrealistförlagets out-of-print cassettes and cdrs in remastered versions.

Fågelpingis has been invited to publish its new record on SuRRism Phonoethics

One side of a Split cassette with Odradek (James Bailey, Michelangelo Iaffaldano, Andy Yue), WRT-115, Wintage Records & Tapes, run by Kevin Crump aka Roman Pilates, Toronto, ON.

One side of a Split cassette with Nick Z on Klobouk Cassettes, (ex-Pissoar), Hemligt, sweden.

Something on Richard Sanderson's new web lable Linear Obsessional.

Cd: Erotic Boulders (w Mitchell Brown, Damian Bisciglia, Joseph Hammer), was planned on Spagyric, Los Angeles, usa. After the unexpected death of Damian Bisciglia, we are now looking for another way to make the recordings public.
Exotic Boulders

Erotic Boulders in concert in Los Angeles '06. Bergmark, Bisciglia, Brown and Hammer. Photo: © Wild Don Lewis.

Dvd: Johannes Bergmark: Musical Performance, Instrument Inventions, Sound Sculptures and Sound Poetry.

Cd with Hal Rammel (Penumbra Records, Wisconsin).

[Rammel and Bergmark with saws]

Rammel and Bergmark 1990. Photo © by Gina Litherland.

Duos on a cd by Jair-Rohm Parker-Wells.

At present, it is being mixed in New York by producer/engineer Marc Urselli-Schaerer.

Meanwhile, here's a sample from our recording:

Bergmark: electronics, constructions, voice. Wells: bass guitar, electronics.

[Jair-Rohm Parker-Wells]

Jair-Rohm Parker-Wells.

Ghost story music, with Per Åhlund.

Some of the above can be ordered directly from me.

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