Platforms played by Johannes Bergmark at Colour Out Of Space 2011. Photo © by miss e kawasaki.


This is a continually updated archive page (cv) about me as a musician and other activities.

Improvised musical performance art with amplified objects and instrument inventions.

Johannes Bergmark makes, among many other things, surrealist musical object theatre with an evolutionary meta-instrument or amplified stage called the Platform. With his main activity as an improvising musician, experimental musical instruments, sound sculptures/-installations/-environments maker and electroacoustic- and text-sound-composer, he has developed over butoh, jester theatre and performance art into a kind of audiovisual object theatre performed as a concert but with a setting as a surrealist puppet play of toys, tools, kitchen utensils, materials, weird and kitch decorative things and junk found on streets and flea markets. The objects bring their history and connotations as well as their often microscopic sound potentials on the little stage, made from a cupboard door with a hidden contact microphone under the floor (usually amplification without any electronic treatments), suspended over the table with a clamp like a springboard into a poor man's utopia where the junk dances the funk on its own terms!

JB has been an increasingly touring free lance musician since he graduated as a piano builder 1996. He also lectures, makes pedagogical projects and workshops, usually focusing on untraditional acoustics, traditional crafts and basic sound technology, hoping to unfold a world where knowledge, skill, inspiration and surprise can meet and develop together and to inspire people to create their own poor man's utopias out of available resources.

In his attitude a skeptic as well as a surrealist, not an artist.

He resides in Stockholm, where he is active in the association for radical and experimental art, Fylkingen (chairman twice), at the Electronic Music Studio, in the swedish skeptics' association Vetenskap och Folkbildning and The Surrealist Group in Stockholm.

Photo: at Colour Out Of Space festival, Old Market, Brighton, 2011, © by miss e kawasaki (Larger available if requested.)

Groups and major collaborations

(the most active on top of the list, at the bottom groups that quit)

Notable performances (chronological order):

August 2008: all the links on this page have been updated, the idea in this section being to link directly to the archive section referring to the event, whenever possible (like all the Fylkingen events).


Born in Stockholm, six days after the Kennedy assassination. Mother Birgitta tv-producer of documentaries, background as boogie-woogie pianist, gymnastics director, Fil Lic in criminology etc, radio journalist, father Torsten painter, writer and art critic in Dagens Nyheter, later professor at Konsthögskolan. Both active communists and atheists.
During childhood: piano lessons in Kommunala Musikskolan, only sheet music but alternating classical pieces with jazz. Training swim jumping and gymnastics in Hammarbygymnasterna. My own paleontological home museum with multi-media tableaux vivantes, writes stories, plays, paints, makes sculptures and 8mm film with Caspar von Vegesack and starts to secretly write own compositions from the age around ten. Trying to form a group with friends from kindergarten and school Caspar, Pelle Ennerling, Mats Eriksson and my sister Emma.


Child extra as an actor in Margareta Garpe's Häxorna - Bränn dem!, Klarateatern, Stockholm.


A number of progressive- or jazz/rock bands, sometimes playing my compositions. Concerts with KUB (including Love Rambro (later Ekenberg)) at Kulturföreningen Puss, Farsta, and the nuclear power referendum meeting 1982, etc.
Guest musician on the cassette recording of Perpetuum Brunke Band.
Another group including Fredrik Odhammar, Love Rambro (later Ekenberg), Ola Lundström and Johanna Frithiof playing dance music at parties, although having higher ambitions.


Composes Ricercare for octet which is (lousily) performed during the last year of school (natural sciences at Norra Latin).


Starting to make around 20 electronic and text-sound compositions at EMS, a.o. music for a slide show by Eva “Lotta” Damstedt.


Lived in Lund and Malmö, again trying to form a group. Playing the streets with Anders Hagdahl.
Makes local radio programs at Radio Småland with plays, e.g. an interview with neo-brutalist Johnny Bulldozer.
Discovers surrealism and Cecil Taylor.


Co-founder of The Surrealist Group in Stockholm.
Première as an improvisor w a solo improvisation (voice, piano, acting/movement, costume, manifesto) at Poeternas Estrad, Kafé 44, Stockholm.


W Hal Rammel, Gina Litherland and Russell Thorne, the Emergency theatre (Occult Bookstore), Chicago (ILL).


Våta spetsar, concert organized by Surrealistgruppen i Stockholm at Café 44, w Carl-Michael Strömberg (later Edenborg), Christian Werner, Pär Juhlin and Stefan Lakatos.
Initiates the Surrealist Intercontinental Music Project, a simultanous improvisation that is later mixed together with Thomas Magee (Los Angeles), Hal Rammel, Karl Rammel and Gina Litherland (Chicago), Davey Williams, LaDonna Smith a.o. (Alabama), Johannes Bergmark, Christan Werner and Carl-Michael Strömberg (later Edenborg) (Fasching, Stockholm) and Michael Vandelaar (Australia).
Makes musical “exquisite corpses” using an interplay of images and music, with collaborators around the surrealist group in Stockholm.
Four hands piano interludes with Carl-Michael Edenborg at Agneta Klingspor's poetry evening at Kafé 44.


W Hal Rammel, Michael Zerang, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Ken Vandermark, John Corbett and Terri Kapsalis at the Lunar Cabaret, and Hal Rammel and Gene Coleman at Southend Musicworks Chicago (ILL). W Hal Rammel, Steve Nelson-Rainey at The Space, Madison (WI).


At “Terre Interieure” French Surrealist Group Exhibition, at Gallery The Looking-Glass, Paris w Alexandre Pierrepont, Daniel Vasseaux and Bertrand Schmitt.


Jan, 30: Det stora osynligas orkester (Martin Küchen, Johannes Bergmark, Galina Gornostajeva, Christian Werner och Carl Michael Eldenborg) at Poeternas Estrad, Cornelis-rummet, Mosebacke
Oct, 30: De Stora Osynligas Orkester med Ilmar Laaban at Poeternas Estrad, Cornelis-rummet, Mosebacke


Czech and Slovak Surrealist Group Exhibition in Semily, cz.
Autunnale, Bergen, no.
London Musicians' Collective-festival Against the Grain, London.


Sound Symposium, St John's, NF can, duo w Hal Rammel, solo, collaborations w Paul Dutton, Art Pratten, Tom Hamilton, Sainkho Namtchylak a.o.
Knitting Factory, New York, solo and w Hans Tammen.
Workshop and concert, Birmingham Improv 96 AL, USA, collaborations w Jesse Frasier, Clifford McPeek, Glenn Engstrand, Craig Hultgren, Trish McCarl, Dorah Rosen, Gino Robair.
Colourscape Music Festival, London.


Organizer and performances at Oslo Impro w Jindřich Biskup, Jens Bugge Wesseltoft, Bendik Hagerup, Risto Holopainen, Martin Klapper, Martin Küchen, Mats Lindström, Paul Lovens, Sören Runolf, Fred Van Hove, Christian Werner.


Momentum Nordic Contemporary Art Festival, Moss, no (12 performances in 4 projects).
Elektronmusikfestivalen, Skinnskatteberg.
Nursery Injection, m/s Stubnitz from Rostock in Stockholm.
Copenhagen International Experimental Festival Cief #5 organized by Skræp.
Till Tibet från Omberg, organized by Heda Culture Path Association.
Organizer and performances at Eventa 4 Antivernissage Material Music - Nature's Consciousness, Ekeby Qvarn Artspace, Uppsala.
Kerava Youth Prison, fi (workshop and concert).
Telakka Theatre, Tampere, fi.
Ung Nordisk Musikk festival Oslo (lecture and concert).
Tampere Jazz Happening, fi.


Fylkingens Improvisationsdagar (concerts and seminar).
Meeting performance series, Stockholm.
The Free Music XXVI festival, organized by WIM vzw, Antwerpen, BE.
Mutation I organized by The Nursery, at Kulturhuset, Stockholm.
Sounds -99 organized by FRIM and Blue Tower Records, at Fylkingen, Stockholm.


Vårflod -00 organized by FRIM at Fylkingen.
7 + 1 at Teaterhuset Avantgarden, Trondheim (N) -00.
Colourscape Music Festival, Liverpool.
Motståndsfestivalen E. Burman, Riddarhyttan.
Stardust festival by Fylkingen and Modern Museum.
Logos, Gent, be.
O da Guarda festival, pt.
Dodorama (nowadays WORM), Rotterdam.
Extrapool, Nijmegen, nl.
Kraakgeluiden, Amsterdam.
Workshop, composing and performing at Musikkflekken, Sandvika, and Blå, Oslo, w Jon Halvor Bjørnseth and Renate Alsing of Drivhuset.
"Wired", University of East Anglia, Norwich, uk.
Ljusfest, Fylkingen.
Elektroniska Dagar, Fylkingen.


Backstage, PerformanceJam.
Exit International Festival for Unusual Live Performances, Helsinki.
"Ändamålet Helgar Medlen" at Smålands Nation, Lund.
Minnesföreställning för Ilmar Laaban, Fylkingen.
Solo and w Fågelpingis at Vårflod '01 organized by FRIM.
Tre Koreografer, Kulturhuset (music for "Zqne" by Favela Vera Ortiz).
PolarEkonsert, Rålambshovsparken.
Colourscape Music Festival, York.
Konstkaravanen, 36 places in Uppland, organized by SU-EN, with Butoh unit GROTTO, Hans T Sternudd, Mikael Varela, Delta Rai, Kurt Nyberg, Eva Ceginskas Björkman.
K3 Malmö Högskola workshop and performance w Herman Müntzing
Lava, Kulturhuset/Splintermind
Fylkingen / Evil Nurse / Bult Magasin
"Nærmest Uplugget", Klubb Kanin, Trondheim.
Sleeping Bag Concert, Fylkingen.
Performance of my reconstruction of “Rendez-vous” by Theodore E. Libér (alias Knut Wiggen) - Karl-Erik Welin's famous chain saw concert from 1964 at Ljusfesten, Fylkingen.


"NU!", a collaboration w the dance group På Egna Ben and Stefan Lakatos, Fylkingen.
Primavera en La Habana, IX Festival Internacional de Musica Electroacustica, cuba.
Showen som gud aldrig bad om, Fylkingen.
Ilskans Rätt - Ett göteborgsjubileum, Fylkingen.
Solo and w Fågelpingis at Ljud och oljud på Jazzfestivalen (FRIM).
¡Virvar/rivrav! international festival, København.
Tour financed by Framtidens Kultur and organized by SEAMS together w Guds Söner to Sverigefinska Folkhögskolan in Haparanda, Lunnevads Folkhögskola in Linköping, Örebro Konsthall and Fylkingen '02-'03.
Solo artist at Ny Musikk, Stavanger, no.
Elsvets at Fylkingen.


"NU!", a collaboration w the dance group På Egna Ben and Stefan Lakatos, Fylkingen.
Sleeping Bag Concert, Fylkingen.
Stockholm Art Fair.
Malmö mot rasism.
Högriskfestivalen, Malmö.
24 kvadrat, Göteborg.
Athens, Greece: MikroMousikoTheatro/SmallMusicTheatre (improv club 2:13).
Experimental cabaret Sätesbjudning at Hagateatern, Göteborg.
Trädgårdsföreningen, Linköping.
Musica Genera (photos here), Szczecin.
Inländer Raus!, Ausland-Berlin.
Ljud & Oljud, FRIM-festival.
Interfraction, dance performance at Skulpturens Hus.
Aalborg, DK, Kulturnatten at Studenterhuset.
Nutida Musikdagar i Halmstad, Kulturverket.
.k N O W H E R E. project w dance and film in Berlin w Rolf Meesters/VLK M (NL) & Pat Hillaire (fr/es).
Fylkingen Jibbolii festival.
Cloudchamber & Rullbandspelarloopensemblen, Fylkingen.


"NU!", a collaboration w the dance group På Egna Ben and Lise-Lotte Norelius, Fylkingen.
Sleeping Bag Concert, Fylkingen.
Centrum sztuki współczesnej zamek ujazdowski (Centre for Contemporary Art), Warszawa.
Okno theatre festival at Teatr Kana, Szczecin, pl.
Tour w Fågelpingis & Hugh Metcalfe, se/dk.
Birmingham Improv (AL, usa), duo w Martin Klapper, collaborations w Ut Gret.
Eyedrum, Atlanta, GA, usa.
Ruby Green Contemporary Arts Center (VKMusic), Nashville, TN, usa.
Högriskdagen, Malmö.
IAPAO 2nd conference and festival, Bandung, indonesia.
Hällristningens Dag - Dansarens Natt, organized by Dance Group Transparente Blanche, Simrishamn.
Art Camp organized by Blue Sun Art Studio & Center, in collaboration w Soil Society, a Swedish-Mongolian Cultural Organization, mongolia.
Hide Sound Art, Hide Kulturbrott, Gotland, solo and w Smullotron.
ISEA2004 - Östersjön, duo w Sören Runolf.
Solo at Lungolungo, Kopenhagenerstrasse 17, Berlin
Performance Art in NRW, Scandinavia Performance Artists - 2nd part, Maschinenhaus Essen in Zeche Carl, Essen (de) (ASA-European / E.P.I. Zentrum).
66 Minutes Sculptures, Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm.
Tour w Eventyrteatret (no).


"NU!", a collaboration w the dance group På Egna Ben and Lise-Lotte Norelius, Skulpturens Hus.
Künstlerhaus Dortmund (MeX Dortmund), de.
Cuba-Cultur, Münster, de.
Okno theatre festival at Teatr Kana, Szczecin, pl.
International MaterialNoiseParadancePerformance Theatre at Teatr Kana, Szczecin, pl w Stuart Lynch paradance, redFrik (alias Fredrik Olofsson) noise and visuals, Pär Thörn performance
West Coast Tour, usa, including:
Open Gate Concert Series at Eagle Rock Cultural Community Center, Los Angeles, CA;
21 Grand Gallery and performance space and ImprovGarage, Oakland, CA;
Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, CA;
Gallery 1412 and On the House, Seattle, WA;
TLC Alberta, Portland, OR w Kathleen Keogh, Janice McKearchen, Doug Theriault, Freed Apes w Genevive December;
and The Eleventh Annual Olympia Festival of Experimental Musics, Olympia, WA.
Klubb Kanin: Sommer 2005 festival, Trondheim, NO; 5 performances and leading Trondheim Improvisasjonsensemble in workshop and performance.
Festival Artistów Ulicy (Festival of Street Artists) organized by Teatr Kana, Szczecin, pl.
Performance in Colourdome in Carlisle, england.
Performance at Alytus Biennial 1, International festival of experimental art, BEWARE! POLITICS!, Alytus, lithuania.
Colourscape Music Festival, London.
Se Min Kjole!, Karstein Solli Productions, part of the Glitterbird - art for the very young project, coorganized by Dansens Hus, performances part of Ultima Contemporary Music Festival, at Stenersenmuseet, Oslo.
Short film with Tippi Tillvind at π Private Impact festival in Świnoujście, Szczecin and Berlin.
Se Min Kjole!, Karstein Solli Productions, tour in Hungary: Kolibri Színház, Budapest; Gárdonyi Géza Színház, Eger; Vaskakas Bábszínház, Győr; Ciróka Bábszínház, Kecskemét.


"NU!", a collaboration w the dance group På Egna Ben and Lise-Lotte Norelius, Fylkingen.
Se Min Kjole!, Karstein Solli Productions, performances at Kolbotn Kulturhus and Deichmanske Bibliotek, Oslo, and Asker Kulturhus, produced by Dansens Hus '06 - '07.
Performance premiere w Tippi Tillvind at The 13th congress for Performance, Sacramento, CA, co-produced by gallery SoToDo, Sol Collective and Bridge to Art, performed at California Stage.
Performance w Exotic Boulders at Cafe Metropole, Los Angeles, CA.
Performance premiere w Tippi Tillvind at PT3, Midway Studios Cafe Space, Boston, MA.
Nordic Music Days in Iceland.
Glitterbird - art for the very young conference in Paris, performances w Se Min Kjole!, Karstein Solli Productions, at Théatre Dunois.


"NU!", a collaboration w the dance group På Egna Ben and Lise-Lotte Norelius, Fylkingen.
Se Min Kjole!, Karstein Solli Productions, Santarcangelo International Festival of the Arts, in Rimini, it.
Dansens Hus in cooperation w Ultima Festival, Oslo, same as above.
Mini Midi Maxi, Vestlandske Teatersenter, DNS, Bergen, same as above.


"NU!", a collaboration w the dance group På Egna Ben, Stefan Lakatos and Lise-Lotte Norelius, Fylkingen.
W Tippi Tillvind at Performance Intermedia Festival organized by Officyna in Szczecin, pl.
W Tippi Tillvind at Apart Festival by Platform4 in Aalborg, dk.
W Tippi Tillvind at 24kvadrat, Göteborg.
Solo on Fylkingen's 75 years' anniversary.


"NU!", a collaboration w the dance group På Egna Ben and Stefan Lakatos, Fylkingen.
Concert at Fylkingen shared w Fågelpingis and Tippi Tillvind.
Concert "Audio_Entropia 007 | Mak Nite" at Galeria Entropia, Wroclaw, pl w Herman Müntzing and Tippi Tillvind. Youtube clip.
International Noise Conference Euro Tour w Tippi Tillvind at Fylkingen.
"24 timmars improvisation" at Fylkingen coorganized w Tippi Tillvind. (participants: Jörgen Adolfsson, Sten-Olof Hellström, Daniel Karlsson, Sven Larsson, Jonatan Liljedahl, Jair-Rohm Parker-Wells, Ann Rosén, Sören Runolf, Jacob Ullberger, Cecilia Wennerström, Per Åhlund)
Concert at K-Salon, Berlin w Tippi Tillvind.
Öppet hus in ateljéhuset wip:sthlm, Stockholm, performance w Tippi Tillvind.
California tour: concerts at
California Stage, on The 16th SoToDo Congress of Performance Art, Sacramento, CA, w Tippi Tillvind.
Echo Curio (Echo Park, Los Angeles), w Erotic Boulders, Kio Griffith and Tippi Tillvind.
Club Dingaling at Hyperion Tavern (Silver Lake, Los Angeles), w Mitchell Brown, Kio Griffith and Tippi Tillvind.
The Kids are Alright hosted by Professor Cantaloupe w a bunch of kids and adult passers-by; and Glossolalia hosted by Glossolalia , w Damian Bisciglia and Mitchell Brown on KXLU 88.9 fm in Los Angeles and live stream.
Garden of Memory in Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland, CA w Gino Robair, Tom Duff and Polly Moller (w, among many other musicians and dancers, Phil Gelb appearing spontaneously w us).
Composers Decomposed series at Heco's Palace, Oakland, CA w Tippi Tillvind, Mitchell Brown, Bobby Loachfillet
Tom's, Berkeley, CA w Tippi Tillvind [review with pictures]
Cafe mode presents: Earthworks 04: Catch, curated by Kio Griffith, opening at Shojin, Los Angeles, CA w Damian Bisciglia and Matt Piper.
Participation in the Networking Camp (later named New Music Incubator) w concert on Norberg Festival with Kristian Bredin; also a spontaneous collaboration w Kenneth Cosimo and Anders Eliasson at Teatermaskinen's New Stage (Sjörövartältet).
Grönt Ljud i Hågelbyparken (Ny Musik Stockholm).
Stråk & Ström in Fylkingen's bar w Jörgen Adolfsson, Sten-Olof Hellström, Emma Nordlund, Ann Rosén, Peter Schuback
Innebandybaby, Göteborg, w Fågelpingis.
Ljudkonst i Nolhaga Park, Kulturföreningen Tornet, Alingsås.
Core of the Coalman at Fylkingen w Jorge Boehringer/Core of the Coalman, Johan Arrias, Andreas Backer and Lily Bigestans.
Fossekonsert as part of Elvelangs, Oslo w Maja S. K. Ratkje, Jon Halvor Bjørnseth and video by Trine V. Kolstad
“A Play-off, Battle, Friendly Match, Let´s Get Sporty – elektronisk ljudmiljö och konsert” at Fylkingen, w Luc Kerléo, Tippi Tillvind.
Månefisken w students at Sagene Skole, as part of Kraft og Kobling co-organized by Drivhuset, Oslo.
... followed up by Kraftkonsert ved fossen w Unni Løvlid and Jon Halvor Bjørnseth and video projection by Trine Vegem Kolstad at Hønse-Lovisas hus, Oslo.
[sic!] concert series w Tippi Tillvind., Risto Holopainen, Alexander Rishaug and Agnes Hvizdalek at Soria Moria, Oslo.
Aforism 2 w Quarto Physical Theater: director/concept/producer/performer Leandro Zappala, performer/producer/costume Anna af Sillén de Mesquita, cultural sociologist Lars-Göran Karlsson, dance critic Cecilia Olsson at Teater Giljotin.
Performing Ann Rosén's piece w Sten-Olof Hellström and Danjel Röhr at Fylkingen.
Hornorkesteret at Fylkingen; Always Ask Your Wife curating the forgotten polish electroacoustic composer Ignacy Szczur.
Always Ask Your Wife in “Anfang - en kväll med konst och böcker för att markera ett nytt kapitel i boklådans historia!” in ateljéhuset wip:sthlm och Kulturbutik/Konsten, Stockholm, w Luc Kerléo. Pictures on the WIP Facebook page.
Fylkingen, Always Ask Your Wife, and Luc Kerléo in the small festival Ljusfest.


New Music Incubator at Västerås Konserthus, Lilla Salen w Networking Camp [New Music Incubator] participants.
At Spazio Arka, Assemini (Cagliari), Sardinia w Tippi Tillvind.
Interactive concert for children w Anders Erkéus at Kulturcentrum, Hallonbergens Centrum, Sundbyberg.
Solo live from home via internet on Salon Bruit Radio at Radio Funk Welle (transmission from Berlin).
At a party w Eva Marklund, WIP, Stockholm w Tippi Tillvind.
At Fylkingen w Johan Nystrom, Henrik Olsson, Sören Runolf, Tippi Tillvind.
At Push, IDKA international festival, Gävle, w Tippi Tillvind.
Lecture/concert at TedX Botkyrka, Subtopia (Liveblog).
Vattenkrig (water war) on Arty Fartyg at Styrbord Babord, Göteborg, w composer & poet Fredrik Hagstedt.
Vattenkrig (water war) on Källan at Kinna Teater, w composer & poet Fredrik Hagstedt, Katarina Widell and photographer Gert Olsson.
“Ett skepp kommer lastat med solidaritet, konst, musik och poesi för Ship to Gaza” at Fylkingen w Fylkingen Big Band, arranged by Teater Tribunalen, Fylkingen and Tegen 2, a solidarity evening for Ship to Gaza.
Lecture + concert, first planned for “Salong röda rummet”, moved to Fylkingen in solidarity w union blockade against Berns Salonger.
Hej då COMA!, solo in protest festival at Växjö Konsthall in support of the closed-down COMA.
Tour w Mubil, the Electro-Acoustic Van to Gerlesborgsskolan for Bottna kulturfestival: workshop for children; performance w artists' cooperations: Anders Dahl sound artist, Lena Kimming dancer, Alexandra Wingate dancer.
Participated in Träskfest w the Singing Coffin at Fylkingen.
Participated in Sommarlov at Fylkingen w Jörgen Adolfsson, Niklas Barnö, Pierre Borel, Joel Grip, Katt Hernandez, Lise-Lotte Norelius, Sören Runolf, Benjamin Thigpen, Camille Thigpen, Tippi Tillvind and Lisa Ullén.
W Syntkretsen/Syntjuntan workshop performance at Norberg Festival.
Musician for performance at Su-En's Open House at Haglund Skola.
Tour w Mubil, the Electro-Acoustic Van to:
- Göteborg: Pecha-Kucha, Park Lane; workshop, at Sockerbruket 26 (discovery w contact microphones); Bältespännarparken, performance in Kulturkalaset through Geiger
- Svenljunga Kalvfestivalen in collaboration w Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, Sjuhärad, artist's cooperation: Gunilla Boije af Gennäs; performance at Svenljunga square
- Kalv, the school yard, artist's cooperation: Gunilla Boije af Gennäs and Örjan Hill.
- Malmö: Ars Nova in cooperation w Teatr Weimar, workshop (discovery w contact microphones); installation Mubil Concrete; the yard at Radiohuset; Objets Sonores concert w Mattias Rodrick, Stefan Östersjö, Jacob Riis, Teatr Weimar; Concrete Mubil Poetry. sound installation + Aftonsånger (Evening songs): Bengt-Emil Johnson in memoriam, performance w Mubil and Leif Holmstrand, Teatr Weimar.
- Ystad Art Museum: workshop; performance at St Knuts torg, artist's cooperations: Martin Küchen, Madelene Oldeman, Gunnel Pettersson, Amit Sen
- Helsjöns Folkhögskola, FENIX, an international youth project under Leader Sjuhärad: Two workshops, performance in the evening by the participants.
- Stockholm: Fylkingen, performance, Fylkingen's parking lot, member's cooperation: Joakim Roséen.
Rød Pavillon, Jomfru Ane Parken, Aalborg, denmark, w Tippi Tillvind, organized by Christian Skjødt (Kulturnatten)
Skanu Mezs festival, Riga, latvia, Exchange w Fylkingen.
Tonspråk Luleå, conference about aesthetic learning processes, w Anders Erkéus
Kulturnatt Nya Perspektiv, w Tippi Tillvind, Västerås Konstmuseum
Open instrument building workshop, Kulturcentrum, Hallonbergen centrum, w Anders Erkéus and Fabian Kempe
JoHaHa (w Fredrik Hagstedt and Tomas Halling): Källan at Kinna Teater and Café Skrädderiet
JoHaHa at Kulturnatta, Stadsbiblioteket in Göteborg
JoHaHa at Konstmuseet Göteborg
Tonspråk Gävle, concert and workshops w Anders Erkéus
Workshop: discovering w contact microphones, Fylkingen
Musikcentrum bjuder in till Inspirationsdag för lärare, rektorer och kulturombud, Kulturhuset, Stockholm
Adachi Tomomi (jp), w Tippi Tillvind, Fylkingen
Thollem McDonas + Borders Ensemble, Fylkingen
Ljusfest, Fylkingen, duo w Katt Hernandez
filmkväll med livemusik, Fylkingen


Several workshops and open concerts at three kindergartens in Vi som växer, Stockholm
Interview for the radio program P2 Ström by Hanna Kihlander, w Tippi Tillvind
Saw player in the song Mitt hjärta glöder för Björn Söder by Fredrik Olsson and Annika Lantz, for the radio program Sist med det senaste i P4
Det Stora Blå, Carema Care, Solna, workshop in instrument building w contact microphones
Fylkingen, Gino Robair + guests, w Tippi Tillvind and Lisa Ullén.
I, Norton, an Opera in Real Time, by Gino Robair, w Ira Anufrieva, Joanna Bodzek, Ewert Ekros, Anders Erkéus, Per Gärdin, Lisa Hansson, Katt Hernandez, Bure Holmbäck, Anna Lord, Robin McGinley, Iwo Myrin, Anne Pajunen, Öykü Peksel, Gino Robair, Joakim Roséen, Josef Söreke, Tippi Tillvind, Thommy Wahlström, Pär Wedin, Daniel Älgå; at Fylkingen
International Improvised Saturday at Fylkingen w Johan Arrias, Sten-Olof Hellström, Katt Hernandez, Ståle Liavik-Solberg, Lise-Lotte Norelius, Hanna Olivegren Wessblad, Gino Robair, Tippi Tillvind, Lisa Ullén
Yikim/Destruction 2011! – surrealist exhibition w international contributions, Istanbul, turkey., organized by SET; performances w Tippi Tillvind & Mattias Forshage at the exhibition venue, “afterparty” at Peyote and Gram Kadiköy, participation in a forum discussion at Depo, film screening at Ye?ilçam Sinemas w Fish Soup, collective exhibition section of the Surrealist Group in Stockholm; Facebook event; flickr set.
Releaseparty at Hemliga Trädgården by the Surrealist Group in Stockholm and Sphinx Bokförlag, collaborations w Jonas Enander (reading Amos Tutuola), Mattias Forshage and Tippi Tillvind.
Knot Gallery, Athens, greece, concert w Tippi Tillvind
Surrealist Survival Kits, organized by the Surrealist Group in Athens w contributions from the Surrealist Group in Stockholm and Surrealist London Action Group at Nosotros. A.o. things, concert w the slide show “Helvetesmaskinen” that the Surrealist Group in Stockholm developed collectively, and poetry reading by Mattias Forshage, Merl Fluin, Yannis Golfinopoulos and Paul Cowdell. Facebook-event.
W. Martin Klapper at Mayhem København, denmark. Facebook-event.
Live online at (( LAB Sounds )) session Le Placard HEADPHONES Festival
Collaboration w David Bremer and Lise-Lotte Norelius at Fylkingen.
VEMS årliga sommarkonsert, Långholmen
T för 2 (Alice på Brunkebergstorg), performance w Pelle Sacklén, Stora miniscenen, Stockholms Kulturfestival/Dansens Hus 20 years anniversary.
Das Unheimliche – Höstfest at Hemliga Trädgården, Midsommarkransen w Tippi Tillvind and Katt Hernandez.
Participation w Tippi Tillvind and many others in DAMTP congress, Alytus, lithuania.
"Ljudletning/Noise search" at No Budget Performance, a Stockholm Odyssey, part of Parabola Artfilmfest, Tensta centrum + foyer Tensta Träff.
Syntjuntans Dag, Kulturhuset in Stockholm, w Lise-Lotte Norelius, Kristine Scholz and Syntkretsen (Bure Holmbäck, Katarina Eriksson, Susanne Skog)
Core of the Coalman + guests at Fylkingen w Katt Hernandez, Robin McGinley, Iwo Myrin, Sören Runolf, Tippi Tillvind
Private party at Amorinasalen, bibliotekshuset, Sollentuna centrum.
Return of Fågelpingis, at Fylkingen.
W Lars Bröndum, Lisa Ullén, Ivo Nilsson, Sten-Olof Hellström, at Fylkingen. A concert review with photos by Jonas Persson.
6 Festiwal Muzyki Improwizowanej Ad Libitum + 5 Festiwal Improwizacji Tanca Sic!, open 2 day workshop: “Experimental instrument building and creative sound research” w Denis Kolokol & Piotr Kurek; lecture: Fylkingen and the avant-garde situation in scandinavia; performance concert at Laboratorium, Centre For Contemporary Art (Centrum Sztuki Wspólczesnej – Zamek Ujazdowski), Warszawa.
Detektiven och syndafallet – på spaning efter den uratmosfär som flytt, exhibition by John Andersson & Niklas Nenzén at Larry's Corner, Stockholm. Performance as the John Andersson character Tallkottmannen.
I AM – Independent Art Music, at Mölnbo Folkets Hus, w Tippi Tillvind.
Festival Vindöga 11, Sandvikens konsthall och Folkbibliotek, premiére of Vedbodens fossila livsormar, based on text by Gösta Kriland. Sandvikens konsthall's Flickr set
Analogisk afton, festival by VEMS, premiére of “Manuell manipulation av akustisk feedback för tekannor, bunkar, hinkar och andra förpackningar” (Manual Manipulation of Acoustic Feedback for Teapots, Bowls, Buckets and other Packaging) at Fylkingen.
VEMS “Bollplank”, playing the 8-channel version of “Ilskan som lyfter stenen” in Studio 2, EMS.
Mellomello w Tippi Tillvind, arr. Frakture, Liverpool, uk.
The Royal Park, Leeds w Tippi Tillvind, arr. Leeds Surrealist Group.
Colour Out Of Space festival w Tippi Tillvind, Old Market, Brighton.
Concert/workshop with Anders Erkéus at Träningsskolan, Solskiftesskolan, Åkersberga
RÖSTA PÅ FYLKINGEN - liten festival kring rösten (small voice festival), coorganized w Per Åhlund & Girilal Baars, including i'd m thfft able, Katt Hernandez, David Bremer, Marie Selander, Lily Bigestans, Tippi Tillvind.
Ljusfest at Fylkingen w the premiere of “Upp stiga vi mot ljuset” (We Rise Towards The Light), acrobatic performance w musicians Sören Runolf, Lise-Lotte Norelius, Robin McGinley, Katt Hernandez and the assistance of Johan Lindvall, Sybrig Dokter, Joakim Roséen; FB-event. Also other collaborations w Lise-Lotte Norelius, Ingrid Olterman, Per Sacklén, Agnes Mercedes Einerstam Karis.


ΦÖΡΒΙΡPΙΝΓ at Fylkingen w Marinos Koutsomichalis and Robin McGinley.
SU-EN Scrap Event, exhibition opening & 20 years' celebration at Uppsala Konstmuseum / slott (I reenacted a dance and saw solo from old times)
Core, a suite by Lars Bröndum at Fylkingen w Johannes Bergmark, Vilhelm Bromander, Lars Bröndum, Sten-Olof Hellström, Katt Hernandez, Patrik Karlsson, George Kentros, Yann Le Nestour, Jan Liljekvist, Lisa Ullén, Katarina Widell; fb-event.
Another Air International Exhibition of Surrealism 1991 – 2011, Old Town City Hall, Prague, performance with the Singing coffin. Czech and Slovak Surrealist Group, with participations from Prague — Bratislava — Stockholm — Leeds — Paris — Bucharest — Athens — San Francisco.
Musikgemaket på Slottet, Halmstad, the INES series, + Live streaming, solo and talk.
Elsvets festival at Fylkingen, fb-event. Performance of my new composition Vedbodens fossila livsormar by VEMS and SEAMS.
Findars by Herbal International, Kuala Lumpur, malaysia. Interview with concert excerpts
Electro-acoustic music session at Straits Records, Singapore. Solo and trio with Timothy O'Dwyer (australia/singapore) and Blu Simon Wasem (brazil).
Larry's Corner, Stockholm w Roman Pilates (ca) and Tippi Tillvind.
Stockholm Fringe Fest pre-party at Kulturnatten, Kulturhuset, Stockholm
Performance Art Links Festival at Fylkingen: “A Performance Art Guide to Ordinary Life”. Premiere of the performance piece “I have been in you, you have been in me.” (repeated five times).
Deep Wireless “Hug the World Translocal Performance”, telematic jam as part of New Adventures in Sound Art's Deep Wireless 2012 Festival; 60 artists on 23 locations in 12 countries, organized and directed by Eldad Tsabary and webcast from the Electroacoustic Classroom at Concordia University's Music Department (Montreal), lasting 6h. Can be heard here (my entries are in parts 7 and 8).
XXV Anniversario di InterAzioni Project, Spazio Arka, Assemini, Sardegna, italy.
Måndan i Mitten, Kafe Klaver m Wennerström Larsson Explicity + Johannes Bergmark
"Det Allomfattande Penseldraget - holism ur en konstnärs perspektiv", Stocksunds Torp, Stockholm, Conversation around Carinne Löfgren-Williams' new book. Johannes Bergmark: “Holeism - a spiritual materialism or Death doesn't exist. A sound performance around the hole in consciousness and in reality.”
Het glass / Hot glass, A small sound performance at Fylkingen's Mörkerfest
Saw solo at funeral
Rösta på Fylkingen igen! – en till liten festival kring rösten at Fylkingen, duos w Mattias Forshage and w TR Kirstein (dk), quartet w TR Kirstein, Girilal Baars, Per Åhlund
Headphones - Hörlursfestival by Lab Gallery audio streaming, chat channel: labgallery. trailer
Duo with Arrington de Dionyso at Juliaden #3 by Fylkingen at Bucky Dome, Moderna Museet
Colourscape Music Festival in Kuppittaa Park, Turku (Åbo), finland with Simon Desorgher and Koray Tahiroğlu
Salon Bruit at Lichtblick Kino, Berlin: duo w Magda Mayas, collaboration with film by Tippi Tillvind
Vedbodens fossila livsormar performed at Elektronsöndag i Boulognern, Gävle: Ljudbio under bar himmel vid Milles Änglar, arr: Moneeo.
Stark Bewölkt concert series at Hörbar, Hamburg, solo and w Gregory Büttner, Heiner Metzger, Helge Meyer
STOFF 2012 (Stockholm Fringe Fest) at Kulturhuset, Stockholm. Three solo concerts under the name Surrealist musical puppet play of junk at Ekoteket, KulturhusTaket, Sergels torg. Catalog see page 17.
En helkväll om ingenting, Tyst Konsert, Antimusik, Filmvisning och Föredrag, Fylkingen.
Smullotron, Fylkingen. fb
Lars Bröndum, Jamie Fawcus, Johannes Bergmark, Fylkingen.
Panel discussion participant at Chomsky bar, Skanu Mezs Festival, Riga.
FST Klubbkväll at Treskillingen, Postmuseum, Stockholm
Puppet Jam, organized by Dockteaterföreningen UNIMA at Teater 3, Stockholm
Alla skenhelgons dag at Fylkingen with Katt Hernandez, Hanna Olivegren-Wessblad, Sören Runolf
Till Rom – presentation/micro concert at Circolo Scandinavo, Rome. fb
4.33 performed by me in Pantheon, Rome. Photos and commentary; recording.
Concert w Fabrizio Spera, Luca Tilli and Tippi Tillvind. at Circolo Scandinavo.
Workshop in musical instrument making at Tou Scene, Stavanger, organized by zang: in cooperation with Ny Musikk Rogaland
Concert at Tou Scene with Pål Asle Pettersen and members in the workshop group including Sindre Bjerga and Stuart McGarey. Photos by Karina W. Gytre here.
Recording session with Public Enema (Nils Drønen and John Hegre) at Kulturskolen, Bergen
“Opera Mints” at Cafe Opera, Bergen
Ljusfesten 2012, Fylkingen, w David Bremer + Johan Lindvall: “sågar jultraditionerna i småstrimlor”


Fågelpingis spent three days, concluded with a concert, at Fylkingen, in order to record a new cd. Fb event
KussKuss Küche & Gemeinderaum, Berlin w Tuia Cherici. Fb event
Recordings at EMS and concert at Fylkingen with Krzysztof Topolski and Tomasz Duda. Fb event
Live at Quiet Cue, Berlin w Pär Thörn. Fb event
Accordion evening at Fylkingen by WOL performance duo: debut as an accordion player
Sowieso, Berlin with Loïc Bertrand, Klaus Kürvers, Danny O'Really, Michelle Yom
Overdue Payanga, solo at Altes Finanzamt
The Singing Coffin performed at Geigers Vårfest, Skjul Fyra Sex, Fiskehamnen, Göteborg Fb event
RÖSTA PÅ FYLKINGEN 3 – en liten festival kring rösten, duet with Stuart Lynch, duet with Girilal Baars, solo “Upplysning, röst- och objektperformance”
Solo in Lägenhetskonserter (apartment concerts), at Elsbeth Bergh's in Kålltorp, Göteborg, arr: Levande Musik.
Instrumentbyggerworkshop med Bergen Impro Storband at BEK, Bergen, no + concert at Bergen Bibliotek and Cafe Opera Fb pics workshop day 1; Fb pics workshop day 2; Fb pics concerts.
Smullotron at Fylkingen. Fb event
Trio w Ignaz Schick & tillvind at Ohrengala # 13 [The Object] : [ tangible and within the grasp of the senses ], beiroy e.V., Berlin. beiroy FB FB event
Trio w Tomomi Adachi, Chris Heenan at Sowieso, Berlin Neukölln
Tonic Train (Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann) + Fåglar av glas (reduced to a duo w Sören Runolf) at Fylkingen. Fb event
Guest artist in a piece by Ewert Ekros at Vems sommarkonsert at Årstablicks utedansbana
Solo at Blå Grotte, Fredrikstad, no. Omtale
CREATurE Live Art Festival 2013 in Kaunas, lt. Performance “Enlightenment” in Fluxus Ministerija. As part of an invitation to Fylkingen/PALS.
Trio and cd release party w Adam Bohman + Adrian Northover at the Horse Improvised Music Club, The Horse, London uk.
Musical Instrument Inventing Workshop for 6-8 y.o. kids with a concert at Høgskolen i Harstad, by Drivhuset Musikkverksteder w Isak Anderssen at Festspillene Nord-Norge in Harstad, no. Soundcloud set from workshop and concert.
Duo w Michelle Yom at Salon Bruit on Tiefgrund, Berlin, de. Review with photos
Solo on Hörlursfestival, by Lab Gallery, live video internet streaming
Synth och Motion, Hemlingby friluftsområde, Gävle. Duo with Olle Oljud. Arr: Kulturföreningen Xinombra, Moneeo, Mikael Strömberg. Support from Kultur och Fritid & Musik Gävleborg.
Ghost Operations for amplified objects, modular synthesizer and Bassbox speaker installation, at 'ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen', Berlin, with Eliad Wagner. Live performance "handbag electronics".
Salon Bruit at Tiefgrund, Berlin w id m theft able , Adachi Tomomi, Ute Wasserman
LEAP, Berlin w Lou Mallozzi and Tomomi Adachi. FB-event
KLUBB INTIM! at Galleri Detroit, Stockholm w Gregory Büttner
Dubbelradio, presented by Konsthall C and Mobile Radio (Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann), a 24h radio art festival on 95,3 and 101,1 FM in Stockholm, as well as streaming on Centrifug Radio Populär. Quartet collaboration with Mobile Radio/Tonic Train and Sören Runolf as Single Swingers. Also participation in pieces by Robin McGinley and by Mattin
Söndagskväll med Smullotron och gäster at Fylkingen with Smullotron with collaborations with Girilal Baars, David Bremer, Sten-Olof Hellström, Katt Hernandez. Part of Stockholm Jazz Festival
Two days Musical Instrument Building Workshop + concert, as part of the Soundplay (Dzwiękowiska) project in Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Łaźnia Centre For Contemporary Art in scope of the Art+Science Meeting project, Gdańsk, poland
Peppi Guggenheim, Berlin, w William A Davison, Michelle Yom
Fylkingen 80 years anniversary festival, collaboration w Arnold Dreyblatt and GLO, the Great Learning Orchestra, tuning, rebuilding and restringing of the specially altered piano for this concert, as well as playing it together with Lisa Ullén
Open Musical Instrument Building Workshop for all ages at Fylkingen 80 years anniversary festival
Performance of Leif Jordansson's Stockholm Reconstructed in Vita Havet, Konstfack, Stockholm, with GLO, the Great Learning Orchestra
Ljusfest at Fylkingen, performing “Julklappstips”


Multiversal Festival at Corpo 6, Berlin-Lichtenberg Duo with Eliad Wagner
ExperiMontag at Madame Claude, Berlin: GANJOHIGNELI w Ganesh Anandan, Ignaz Schick, Eliad Wagner
W Stephan Bleier, Anna Kaluza, Thomas Rohrer at Altes Finanzamt, project space, Berlin
Month of Performance Art-Berlin ANNUAL WINTER-WARMER BASH party at West Germany, Berlin
CREATIVE ENCOUNTERS - Evening with Meri & Friends at Mara's Pub, Kautokeino, no, w Yolanda Gutiérrez, Asher Lev, Irina Lavrinovic, Meri Nikula, supported by Konstnärsnämnden - the Swedish Arts Grants Committee
VARIA2014 International Improvisation Festival w Adam Bohman, Martin Klapper at Atalante, Göteborg.

Upcoming concerts & events:
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(Interactive) sound installations and exhibitions:

The Kaleidochord and the Veloncell Marcel were at the Fylkingen exhibition Lydbilleder V or (Sound as Art as Sound) at Museet for Samtidskunst, Roskilde, dk, '99.
The Kaleidochord at the "Rainbow Realm" exhibit in the Liverpool Museum, Feb - May '00.
The Singing Coffin was presented on Andlig Upprustning, the show of The Surrealist Group in Stockholm at Fylkingen, '00 and exhibited/performed on many occasions after.
The Kaleidochord was exhibited at "Fabulous Sound Machines" in York City Art Gallery (now York Art Gallery) Jul-Sep '01.
Basically the same exhibition went on to Croydon Clocktower Gallery Jun-Sep '02;
Island Arts Centre, Lisburn, Northern Ireland, Jul-Sep '03;
Sheffield Millennium Gallery May-Aug '04.
The Veloncell Marcel was exhibited at the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts, Ulanbaatar, in the joint mongolian-swedish exhibit in connection w Art Camp, mongolia Jul and '05, organized by Blue Sun Contemporary Art Studio & Center in collaboration w Soil Society, a Swedish-Mongolian Cultural Organization, and donated to the Blue Sun group.
"Down and Up" sound installation at Musica Genera, Szczecin, pl '05.
The Kaleidochord was exhibited again at "Fabulous Sound Machines" in Tulliehouse Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle Jul-Sep '05;
Scarborough Art Gallery Jun-Sep '06;
and Ferens Art Gallery in Kingston upon Hull Jul-Sep '07.
"Damplifly", a sound environment at Okno theatre festival by Teatr Kana, Szczecin, pl '08, w Luc Kerléo and Tippi Tillvind.
Elective Affinities, a composition for Utsnitt at Fylkingen's 75 years anniversary, '08.
"Soundcheck, Room Service, Resting Circuits & Semla Med Varm Mjölk", a sound environment at Fylkingen w Johan Boberg, Luc Kerléo, Tippi Tillvind and Sören Runolf '09.
“A Play-off, Battle, Friendly Match, Let´s Get Sporty – elektronisk ljudmiljö och konsert” at Fylkingen, w Luc Kerléo, Noisiv and Tippi Tillvind '09.
The Kaleidochord was exhibited again at "Fabulous Sound Machines" in Gloucester City Museum & Art Gallery '10.
The Spaces of the Unconscious by Kathleen Fox at The Freud Museum London, I made music for her film The Shards of Memory, that she displayed in the exhibition '10.
Film installation at the festival Sound of Stockholm, Fylkingen, Music by me for the installation films Fish Soup and The Shards of Memory by Kathleen Fox, england '10.
Yikim/Destruction 2011! – surrealist exhibition w international contributions, Istanbul, turkey, collective exhibition section of the Surrealist Group in Stockholm ( Facebook event; flickr set) '11.
Collective objects at Surrealist Survival Kits, organized by the Surrealist Group in Athens w contributions from the Surrealist Group in Stockholm and Surrealist London Action Group at Nosotros '11.
Mobile collage in Symbiotic Lime-Stone Quarry Phantoms, exhibition by The Surrealist group in Stockholm w friends, at Nationalgalleriet, Stockholm, in collaboration w Sphinx förlag and Styx förlag '11.
Collaborative work by the Surrealist Group in Stockholm at Surrealism in 2012: Toward the World of the Fifth Sun, in Reading, Pennsylvania, usa '12.
Another Air International Exhibition of Surrealism 1991 – 2011, Old Town City Hall, Prague, dream sculpture in the collective exhibition. Czech and Slovak Surrealist Group, with participations from Prague — Bratislava — Stockholm — Leeds — Paris — Bucharest — Athens — San Francisco.
The Kaleidochord was repaired, improved and developed for another exhibition at "Fabulous Sound Machines" in Old Market Gallery Rotherham, Yorkshire '12.
The sound piece “Kaktusvatten” made for the exhibition Jättekrisslor i Göteborg, with CM Lundberg + Matti Steiger Lundmark & Christofer Dahlby (CHR:OMA) at Fête de’l Art, Ingenjörsgatan 3, by Esperantoplatsen in Göteborg, '12.
Aeolian Rowing Boat (Unrealized) at MIUU, MUSEUM OF IMPOSSIBLE, UNREALISED AND UNREALISABLE ART PROJECTS, part of a group show called In Between Miracles, at CCA – Contemporary Art Centre, Tbilisi, georgia, March 7-April 7, '13
Ghost Operations for amplified objects, modular synthesizer and Bassbox speaker installation, at 'ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen', Berlin, with Eliad Wagner, August 18-25, '13.


Lecturer, musical instructor and workshop leader (children, students and adults).

Writer for international music-, art-, surrealist- and skeptic magazines like Folkvett, Hydrolith (Oyster Moon Press.), Rubberneck 26, Arsenal #4, The Improvisor, Nakna Läppar, Kristall, Kvicksand, Stora Saltet, Gränslöst, Parergon, Experimental Musical Instruments, Nutida Musik, Merge, Stockholms Fria Tidning, Mannen På Gatan, Noisegate, Nordic Sounds, Ballongmagasinet, Sjukdom, Sound of Music, Patricide. One article in Jon Rose's book The Pink Violin. In my Trotskyist past, I also wrote for Socialistiskt Perspektiv, Fyr! and for Bennytidningen. I also wrote for some school magazines at Norra Latin and Hantverkets Folkhögskola.

Radio program host for Radio Småland, Smålands Nations Närradio, Lund, and in Leksands Närradio.

Memberships: (in my youth: Kommunistisk Ungdom (vice president of the Farsta branch, southern Stockholm suburb), Elevorganisationen, Folkkampanjen mot kärnkraft (study group leader), Unga Forskare, Socialistiska Förbundet (on the board), Ungsocialisterna, Socialistisk Ungdom för El Salvador, Bennyföreningen, Revolutionära Socialister); The Surrealist Group in Stockholm since its formation in '86. FSJ (Föreningen Sveriges Jazzmusiker) for a few years in the '80s. LMC a couple of years in the '90s. Fylkingen in Stockholm since about '96 (member of the production team '98 -'99; member of the board and production team '01-'02, chairman '02-'04 + '09-'10, member of the board and production team -'10-'11). FRIM '98-'05 and '09- (webmaster -'02; member of board '98 - '00; chairman '01-'02). VEMS (Verksamma vid EMS) a couple of years and '09-. Musikcentrum. Citizen #446 and Minister of Reinventions of The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland. Member of SKODK (Svenska Konstnärers Organisation för Digital Konst, that ran CRAC (Creative Room for Art & Computing) '00 to '04. SEAMS, Sweden's Electro-Acoustic Music Society '00-'05 and '09-. RANK (Riksförbundet Arrangörer av Nutida Konstmusik) (secretary of the board '01-'03). Föreningen Svenska Tonsättare (FST), Society of Swedish Composers since '02. STIM '03-'06. Part of IAPAO, the International Association of Performance Art Organizers, as a representative of Fylkingen '03-'05; contact for Northern Europe '04 - '05. Demokratinätet '01 to '04. Passive (support) member of the political activist group Globalisering Underifrån '01 to '03. Part of the civil disobedience campaign since '01. Soil Society, a swedish-mongolian Cultural Organization '04 - '05. Gröndals Båtklubb '04 - '06. Vetenskap och Folkbildning - the swedish skeptics' society, since '07. Atheist network in Szczecin '07-'08. Surrealist Group in Szczecin '07-'08. PSR in '08. WIP:Sthlm '09-'11. Hyresgästföreningen, now and then. Different unions since '82.

Educations done: Sköndalsskolan; piano at Kommunala Musikskolan; Hammarbygymnasterna (elite gymnastics); Photography course; Norra Latins Gymnasium (natural sciences profile); “Jazz/rock improvisation och ensemblespel” evening course; language courses in italian, spanish and czech; Stockholm University, Musicology 1 1/2 years; Lund University, Philosophy 1 year; private sculpture student to Evert Lindfors a few weeks; Hantverkets Folkhögskola Leksand, Piano Technician 1 1/2 years; Musikk Instrument Akademiet, Moss, Piano- and Harpsichord Builder 3 1/2 years. Journeyman as a piano and harpsichord builder in Germany '96. Many courses since '84, including the Electroacoustic Music Composition 2 years education, at EMS (Electronic Music Studio), graduated in '00 – among the teachers were Anders Blomqvist, Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Jens Hedman, Pär Johansson, Efva Lilja, Rolf Enström, Erik Mikael Karlsson, Paulina Sundin, Göran Svensson; different economy and promotion courses.

Participated in workshops with: John Tchikai, Arne Forsén / Mats Gustafsson, Phil Minton, David Moss, Jaap Blonk, Maggie Nichols, Dorothea Schürsch, Stella Polaris, Theo Loevendie / Guus Jansen, Gino Robair, Cecil Taylor, Kapotte Muziek, Andrea Neumann / Axel Dörner, Rhodri Davies / Ingar Zach, Andrea Neumann / Burkhard Beins, Ingo Reulecke/Thomas Kiesel, Fredrik Olofsson, Jeffrey Morgan, Syntjuntan, Nicolas Collins, Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Gino Robair.

Occasional organizer of festivals, concerts and networks for intermedia and performance art, improvised and electronic music.

Dancer and musician in SU-EN Butoh Company '91-'94. Tours in Sweden. Afterwards sometimes collaborates as a musician.

Actor and musician in professional street theatre group Stella Polaris tour '95 - '97 and '99.
Actor and musician in Fossbryterne canal performance by Skuespillerkompaniet '97.
Actor, composer, musician, dancer and technician in Hans og Grethe, Snødronningen and Smørbukk by Eventyrteatret, no '95 - '04.

International adviser for The Rosenberg Museum.

Grants: Musikaliska Akademiens Stipendier För Instrumenttekniker (Royal Musical Academy's grants for instrument technicians); Konstnärsnämnden – the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, travel grants (numerous times); Sleipnir (twice). STIM work grant '00, '03, '05 & '12. Konstnärsnämnden work grant '01, '02, '04, '07. Svensk Musik travel grant '02. Stockholms Stads Konstnärsstipendium '03. Recreation, travel & study grants from FST '03 & '12. Travel grant, Svenska Institutet '04. Konstnärsnämnden work grant "with a goal" '06. Employed as a free lance musician by Musikalliansen since '08. FST grant '10.

Prizes and competitions: I refuse to have anything to do with competitions. I don't participate, I don't sit in jurys. Nevertheless, my work for the Swedish Radio Corporation, Tiden Går, was sent as the contribution from the radio to the international competition Prix Italia. It didn't win. I have debated this question in the Swedish Composers' Society. I argued for the closure of the competition of text-sound compositions that EMS ran, and it was closed with the agreement in the EMS-rådet I was a representative in.

Culture-related work: sound- and light technician at technical production of and during performances, archiving and registering, webmaster (with experiences of digital sound- video- and image editing), proof reader, magazine editor, translator, work in the bar, selling tickets, cleaning etc.

Non-culture-related work: piano tuner and –technician, janitor (3 different places), kindergarten worker, after school child care, personal assistant to a school boy with social problems, music- and school teacher extra, home assistant to 5 people with mental handicaps, personal assistant to a man with multiple handicaps, swedish teacher, telephone interview worker, newspaper deliverer, postman and mail sorting, restaurant dishwasher, lamp store assistant etc.

Driving license: since '06.

Lived in: Stockholm, sweden '63-'68; Rome, italy '69; Stockholm, sweden '69-'84 (spending all my childhood summers + a few winters in Cupramarittima, AP, italy); Lund, sweden '84-'85; Malmö, sweden '85; Stockholm '85-'90; Leksand, sweden '90-'91; Moss, norway '91-'96; Oslo, norway '96-'97; Stockholm '97-'04; Szczecin, poland '04-'06; Los Angeles, California '06; Stockholm '06-. Since '12 a frequent visitor to Berlin.

Languages: swedish, english, norwegian, italian, (also, to smaller degrees: german, french, spanish and polish). Understands but doesn't talk danish. Studied czech but forgot most of it.

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