Exhibition invitation
Exhibition invitation
Exhibition invitation The Hunt For The Object Of Desire

collective exhibition presented by the Montréal Surrealist Liaison.
Catalog and compilation cd published by Sonambula 2014

My piece on the cd is actually two:
I was lost in the cave 8'48, left channel /
Somebody took my teaspoon 7'14, right channel
Both recorded live 2014-03-11 at Electronic Music Studio, Stockholm.
Improvised compositions performed by Johannes Bergmark. No editing.
Instrument: Platform for amplified objects.

Also on this cd compilation are: Six Heads, Sonarchy, Songs of the New Erotics, Hal Rammel, Iñaki Muñoz, Mal Occhio and Thom Burns.

Some pictures from the exhibition, and also here.

Review with some pictures (french).

Some more info on the The Organ Grinder's Gazette.

Paul McRandle's blog post on the event # 1, # 2 and # 3

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