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Cd: Sixty Interpretations of Sixty Seconds, by Sixty Solo Improvisors, Apprise Records 2010.

A collection of solo improvisations sewn together back-to-back by sixty innovative, forward thinking musicians from all over the World.
The compilation is made by David Sait in Brampton, ON, canada, with the concept “To hear how sixty different improvising musicians would interpret sixty seconds. Execution: I pose the question... How would you interpret sixty seconds through an improvisation? Your Answer would come in the version of a sixty second improvised recording on your instrument.”
My piece is recorded at EMS. I play a Platform (a single one, although I usually have two) with objects. No overdubs, no cuts, no treatments except slight compression.

Other contributors: Sixty Seconds, back cover Linsey Pollak - rubber glove bagpipes (AUTRALIA), Chas Smith - copper box (USA), Rachel Arnold - cello (USA), Fatima Miranda - voice/field recordings (SPAIN), Yuichi Onoue - kaisatsu (JAPAN), Todd Taylor - banjo (USA), Yurko Rafaliuk - tsymbaly (UKRAINE), Jeff Albert - trombone (USA), Laure Chailloux - accordion diatonique (FRANCE), Leon Gruenbaum - samchillian (USA), Leanid Narushevich - electric guitar (REPUBLIC OF BELARUS), Araz Salek - tar (CANADA), John Oswald - alto sax (CANADA), Christine Sehnaoui - alto sax (FRANCE), Susan Alcorn - pedal steel (USA), David Sait - guzheng (CANADA), Pekko Käppi - jouhikko (FINLAND), Andrea Centazzo - gong (USA), Misha Marks -prepared guitar (MEXICO), Joana Sá - piano (PORTUGAL), Martin Grütter - piano (GERMANY), Paul Dunmall - soprano sax (UK), Joe Sorbara - drums/percussion (CANADA), Kyle Bruckmann - oboe (USA), Damon Smith - field recordings/7 string double bass/laptop (USA), Lawrence Casserley - monoharp/breath/signal processor (UK), John Butcher - saxophone controlled feedback & piano resonator (UK), Tom Boram - analog modular synth (USA), Ignatz - guitar/voice/drum (BELGIUM), Helena Espvall - cello/effects (USA), Tim Hodgkinson - clarinet (UK), Beatrix Ward-Fernandez - theramin (UK), Christian Munthe - acoustic guitar (SWEDEN) , Mia Zabelka - violin/effects (AUSTRIA), Rayna Gellert - fiddle (USA), Tobias Tinker - harpsichord (GERMANY), Periklis Tsoukalas - oud (GREECE), Michael Keith - ukulele (CANADA), Szilárd Mezei - viola (SERBIA), Gino Robair - metal/glass/plastic/stone/motors (USA), Joe McPhee - alto sax/voice (USA), Michael Snow - piano (CANADA), Rob Coppard - bones (IRELAND), Sixty Seconds, back cover Philip Gibbs - slide guitar (UK), Aaron Ximm - field recording (broken radio) - USA, Philo Lenglet - prepared acoustic guitar (FRANCE), Carmel Raz - violin (USA), Ben Roberts Eclectiktronik - turntables/cassette decks (SPAIN), Helena Gough - field recording (UK), Leonel Kaplan - trumpet (ARGENTINA), Gerry McGoldrick - shamisen (CANADA), Ronny Krippner - Church Organ (UK), Alessandro Alessandroni - keyboard/whistling (ITALY), Olivia De Prato - violin (USA), Heribert Friedl - chair (AUSTRIA), Robin Hayward - microtonal tuba (GERMANY), Bruno Duplant - contre bass (FRANCE), Mike Smith - hurdy gurdy (UK), Paulo Chagas - oboe (PORTUGAL).

All the info on contributors, and links to reviews by Musicworks, Signal to Noise, Jazzword, END (-) of WORLD (-) music, Stef's Free Jazz Blog, Spontaneous Combustion Magazine, Wholenote Magazine.

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