GLO A4 cd baksida The piece "Love" on the compilation cd "Great Learning Orchestra A4 pieces"

GLO, Stockholm 2004.

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A4-composition for the Great Learning Orchestra, Stockholm, September 2004. GLO A4 affisch
For any kind of size of ensemble and any instruments.

"Silently and carefully look around you in the room to observe every single person present, audience, musicians and others.
Identify the one you have the warmest feelings for.
Never, in the course of the performance, reveal for anyone who it is, through eye contact or in any other way.
Play as beautifully as you can, as a present to that very person, as if you played alone, for him/her as the only audience.
Stop when you are done.
Silently think of this person until every musician is finished."

Second performance, ten years later! including me, by The Great Learning Orchestra live 1 Oct 2014 at Marabouparken, Sundbyberg.

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