[GO-TO-CAT-MAN-DO] The piece "Eh-Ah" on the compilation cd "GO-TO-CAT-MAN-DO"

Mono 001, MonotypeRec

Warszawa, pl 2005, a medley of variations on the theme of occasional songs of Nepal. Other contributions are:

Wolfram - T
Za Siódmą Górą - Nepalaia
One Inch of Shadow - Piesn 9
Stworywodne.Jaszczury - Untitled
Patryk Zakrocki - Nepal
Francisco Lopez - Untitled #165
Alexei Borisov - Saunabar Skretch Rmx
Vion & Mem - Kontra
Emiter - Untitled
V/Vm - Untitled
Robert Piotrowicz - At The Body Speech

Mp3 samples of my piece and some others to be heard here.
or heard in full on this clip to the left that someone put out on youtube.

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