Fish Soup, still

The viewing box Dvd: "Fish Soup"

music for a short installation film by Kathleen Fox, england.

"The imagery in ‘Fish Soup’ was generated by the random movement of organisms living in mud, an ancient timeless dance, evocative of the primal soup from which all life forms developed.
There is a limitless cyclical element manifested in the flow of imagery which has no specific beginning or end, the video itself set on a continuous loop to enhance the concept of time as infinite." Kathleen Fox
The music was made by me, using the Whalefish.
It formed part of the exhibition 'Natural Order: Art, Science and The Clarity of Mud' and at 'The 5th International Symposium for Surrealism' at West Dean in '07. It was also shown at a festival of Surrealism that the Leeds Surrealist Group organized.

To the right: still from the film.
Below: the viewing box Kathleen Fox made to house it. The box is covered with rabbit skin fur, and can only be watched one person at a time as a private experience.

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Fish Soup, still
The viewing hole